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359 (fin) "The Path of Ayin" (/500 - Schattenkult Produktionen) MCD 6.50€
- 3 tracks near twenty mins of bm in old veins of Darkthrone/Emperor...

Aetherius Obscuritas (hun) "Black Medicine" (Paragon Records) CD 10€
- Black metal in sandinavian way. Includes 1 cover of Marduk and Running Wild.

Ahpdegma (jp) "Seolfkwyllen" (/500 - Drakkar) Digi CD 13€
- After a short promo tape (including the first song only) New project of members from Manierisme, Arkha Sva release their first full lenght.. Japanese black metal with their own feeling, as always influenced by LLN.

Akerbeltz (esp) "A wave of Darkness" (Millenium Metal Music) CD 10€
- Old school nihilist black metal.

All The Cold / Deep-pression (ru/pl) "Deep Cold" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD A5 9€
- 2 tracks on both sides, ambiant/dark...

All The Cold / Fornicatus / Blacke Hate / Happy Days (ru/fin/mex/usa) "Children of Failure" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 8€
- 4 way split 7 tracks. Painfull, Darkness and Depression...

Altoriu Seseliai (lit) "Margi Sakalai" (Todestrieb Records) CD 9€
- Pagan doom from lituania. Different than the demo.

Ancestors Blood (fin) "A Dark Passage from the Past" (Heidens Hart) CD 10€
- Pagan black metal. Compil gathering : Preparing for War, Forgotten Times and Wisdom Opens the Gates for the King.

Ancestors Blood (fin) "When the Forest Calls" (Heidens Hart) CD 10€
- Pagan black metal.

Animus Mortis (usa) "Atrabilis..." (Debemur Morti) Slipcase CD 9€
- Desolate black metal.

Antichristian Kommando (ch) "Black Goat Rituals" (/500 - Bergstolz) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Anwynn (fr) "Voices of Perdition" (Unlight Productions) CD 10€
- Raw/war black metal.

Aorlhac / Darkenhöld / Ossuaire / Ysengrin (fr) "La Maisniee du Maufe – A Tribute to the Dark Ages" (De Profundis / Ancestrale Productions) CD 7€
- Conceptual split focuses on Medieval Times. 2 tracks of each and one for Ossuaire.
Total playing time : 31 mins. All seems to be exclusive materials.

Aphoom Zhah (blr) "Symbol of new Aeon" (Possession Productions) CD 7€
- Black metal. Concept based on Chtulu mythologia.

Apolokia (it) "MCMXCV . MCMXCVII" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Compilation gathering their 2 demos, with member or Ugluk,. Rawmisanthropic
black metal.

Arcanus Tenebrae (por) "Odium in Homines" (/500 - Drakkar) CD 9€
- Obscure portuguese black metal.

Arcanus Tenebrae (por) "Summa Essentia Obscura" (Drakkar) Digi CD 10€
- Obscure portuguese black metal.

Arghoslent (usa) "90 - 94 : The first three demos" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- 1st three demos now on CD. Death Metal.

Arghoslent (usa) "Incorrigible Bigotry" (Drakkar) Digi CD 12€
- Excellent US death metal. Digi cd rerelease.

Arghoslent / Martial Barrage (usa/can) "Send Forth the Best Ye Breed" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Totalitaryan DeathSSquad.

Arkha Sva (jp) "Odo Kikale Qaa (U – I – V)" (Those Opposed Records) CD 11€
- compilation gathering the split EP with DROWNING THE LIGHT "IN HIS NAME", split MLP with CHALICE OF BLOOD (songs from Hell Above, Heaven Below, tape) , split MLP with WINTER FUNERAL "MIKALP KHIS BIA OZONGON", split EP with WOODS OF INFINITY "OLD UGLY TREES" and the III-way-split LP "N.O.I.R.".
All these releases except the split with Winter Funeral were never published on CD before.

Arkha Sva (jp) "Odo Kikale Qaa (VI – VI – LV)" (Those Opposed Records) CD 11€
- Compilation gathering the VI-way-split CD "A SIXTH SENSE OF DARKNESS", the split EP with HYPOTHERMIA and the split LP with BLACK STENCH.

Arkha Sva (jp) "Donusdogama : En accrochant le mendiant qui tomba du trône de Dieu" (Those Opposed Records) MCD 8€
- 4 new tracks from the satanic hate-plague. 17 mins.

Armour (fin) "s/t" (Primitive Reaction) CD 10€
- Pure heavy metal, back to 80's !

Arphaxat (fr) "Loundun la Maudite" (/1000 -Hells Headbangers Records) CD 9€
- Conceptual full lenght based on Urbain Grandier. Primitive black metal without guitar. By Shaxul.

Ars Diavoli (por) "Pro Nihilo Esse" (Debemur Morti) CD 10€
- Obscure and suicidal black metal.

Ars Diavoli (por) "Clausura" (Bubonic Productions) CD 10€
- Intense, insane, obscure and suicidal black fucking madness. In the veins of Shining.

Arvet (fin) "Ajna" (Saturnian Records) CD 11€
- Esoteric finnish black metal. A new path for Arvet.

Aryos / Regnant'n'Thrall (fr) "A célébration To Lilith Von Sirius" (DUKE/Exh Goétie) MCD 5€
- Avantgarde black metal with an excellent feeling. Tribute to LVS died 11 years ago.
Really Recommended for those who appreciate this kind and perhaps to the others too !

Aryos (fr) "Les stigmates d'Hécate" (Exu Rei Records) CD 10€
- New 7 tracks of esoteric avantgarde black metal.

Ash Pool (can) "World Turns on Its Hinge" (Tour de Garde) CD 8€
- Raw black metal.

Ash Pool (can) "For Which He Plies the Lash" (Tour de Garde) CD 8€
- Raw black metal.last album.

Ataraxie (fr) "Anhedonie" (Weird Thruth Records) CD 10€
- Funeral Doom / Death Monster.

Atman (sp) "L'Assassí de Venus" (Sun & Moon Records) CD 8€

Atra (aus) "In Reverence of Decay" (Adverse Order Music) CD 12€
- Primitive & evil raw black metal.

Atra (aus) "Up-turning the Curse" (Adverse Order Music) MCD 8€
- Primitive & evil raw black metal.

Aura Noir (nor) "Hades Rise" (Peaceville) CD 12€
- Last album of these thrash black maniacs ! Pure old school and dirty tracks.

Aven (fr) "The Last Thought of Judas" (DUKE) CD 8€
- Old school black metal.

Avsked (ger) "livets ironi" (Midwinter Records) CD 9€
- German black metal.

Avsky (swe) "Mass Destrucction" (Carnal Records) CD 10€
- Primitive swedish black metal.

Avsolutized (jp) "Mot Din Svarta Angest" (Those Opposed Records) CD 10€
- Black metal from Japan with Arkha Sva's vocalist.
This CD contains: "Den Svarta Vandans Genealogi" (remastered), "Towards...you there" and new track "Uroborik Rupture".

Azaghal (fin) "Arvet I" (War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Compil including old stuffs from demos, 7'ep and so on... Over 70 min of black finish terror.

Azaghal (fin) "Arvet II" (War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Compil including old stuffs from demos, 7'ep and so on... Over 70 min of black finish terror.

Baal Zebuth (ru) "Unholy Baal Zebuth" (/500 - Wolfram Productions) CD 8€
- Good demo from this russian band, misanthropic black metal with keys for the atmosphere. Same tracklist an artwork as the tape version coming from the same label. Booklet includes lyrics in english.

Bagatur (blr) "Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie" (Bubonic Productions) MCD 6€
- Pagan Black Metal. MCD 2011. 25min.

Baptism (fin) "Grim arts of melancholy" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Grim black metal.

Barshasketh (nz) "Sitra Achra" (Todestrieb Records) CD 10€
- Promising raw yet atmospheric black metal.

Baptism (fin) "Wisdom and Hate" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Grim black metal.

Beastcraft (nw) "Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen" (/1000 - BlackSeed Records) CD 10€
- Last album. Darkthrone black metal alike.

Beatrik (it) "Journey through the end of life" (ATMF) Digibook 11€
- Depressive black/doom metal.

Behemoth (pol) "Satanica" (Peaceville) CD 10€
- First album of the blackened death metal era of Behemoth. Peaceville official reissue.

Beherit (fin) "At the Devil's Studio 1990" (Kvlt Records) CD 10€
- Album recorded in the 90, era of black metal. Available for the first time now. 26 min.

Beherit / Archgoat (fin) "Split" (ISO666) CD 10€
- This is a re-release of Beherit's 'Messe Des Morts' EP with Archgoat 'Tales of Desecration' EP. Satanic harsh and primitive black metal.

Bekhira (fr) "L'élu du Mal" (Darker Than Black) Digi MCD 8€
- Demo now rereleased on cd. French black metal.

Belliciste (slk) "Sceadugenga" (Todestrieb Records) CD 9€
- Black metal. Another projet from guy involed into Barshaksketh.

Besatt (pol) "Diabolic Altar" (/1000 - Azermedoth Records) CD 8€
- Polish satanic black metal.

Bilskirnir (ger) "In Flame of Purification / Totenheer" (Darker Than Black) CD 10€
- Great german black metal. Rerelease including the 5 original tracks of In Flame..." and Totenheer in bonus.

Bilskirnir (ger) "Dem feind Entgegen" (Dark Hidden Records) MCD 7€
- rare or unreleased old tracks + a cover of Graveland. 15 min of german black metal.

Bilskirnir (ger) "Wotan Redivivus" (Darker Than Black) CD 10€
- New album. Excellent pagan black metal, more atmospheric than others. Recommended.

Black Autnmn (ger) "Cult of Nihil"(ISO666) CD 8€€
- Demo reissue. German black metal.

Black Autumn (ger) "Ecstasy, Nightmare, Doom" (ISO666) CD 9€
- German black metal.

Black Hate (mex) "Los Tes Mundos" (Dusktone Records) CD 12€
- Black/death metal.

Black Seas of Infinity / Kaniba / Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser (fr) "The Trinity of Non Being" (Autunm Wind Productions) CD 8€
- Occult Dark Ambien inspired by Lovecraft.

Black Stench (fin) "s/t" (/300 - Tour de Garde) CD 8€
- Black Metal OMB formed by Shatraug.

Black Wood (ru) "Kill me Satan !" (/999 - Thou Shalt Kill !) CD 9€
- Pure Obscure & Satanic Cult.

Blakulla (fr) "Darkened by an Occult Wisdom" (True Underground Productions) CD 8€
- French raw black metal.

Black Howling (por) "Melancholy of a Pagan Bucolic Spirit" (/500 - Bubonic Productions) CD 8€
- 2010 full lenght. Black metal.

Blackdeath (ru) "Fucking fullmoon foundation"(ISO666) CD 9€
- Primitive, cold and raw satanic russian black metal.

Blackdeath / Leviathan (ru/us) "Split"(ISO666) CD 10€
- Primitive russian black metal VS nihilistic black metal terror.

Blessed in Sin / Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis (fr) "Tu Fui Ego Eris" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 12€
- One new album and a split at the same time ? 2014 starts as a excellent year. Then the OTAL/Gorgon, now OTAL comes back with 2 new materials (and fucking great also...) and few more for BiS. Including a cover song. Concilium black metal.

Blood Devotion (ru) "Defile of Innocence" (/997 - Helvete.ru) MCD 5€
- Black metal. Comes with a coloured poster.

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Radiating Desolation" (Ahdistuksen Aihio) MCD 7€
- Nekro finnish black metal.

Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (fin) "split" (Obscure Abhorrence) MCD 7€
- New split between BRF and a new finnish band (just one promo tape on 2007). 2 tracks from BRF and 3 for Funerary Bell. Seems like to traditional finnish bands.

Blood Red Fog / Cosmic Church (fin) "split" (Cocainacopia) CD 11€
- Brillant finnish materials. 'Atmoshperic' black metal. Recommended.

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Death Cult" (Those Opposed Records) CD 10€
- Finnish black metal. Compilation gathering the two "Death Cult" tapes on one CD.

Blood Red Fog (fin) "On Death's Wing" (Saturnal Records) CD 10€
- Last full lenght. Luciferian finnish black metal.

Book of Sand (usa) "Destruction, not reformation" (Paradigms Recordings) Digi CD 8€
- Experimental black metal.

Bootleg Bill (usa) "rejected by the naacp" CD 11€
- R'n'R and KKK !

Brobdingnagian (usa) "Preety Magoo Cancer" (Bubonic Productions) CD 8€

Cadaver Yelleth at Amber Tower(ru) "Code Algeria " (Res Adversae) MCD 6€
- Drone / Electronics with recordings of intercepeted conversations between Russian ground control and air force pilots from Algerian airspace.

Caïna (uk) "Will Over Worlds" (Legion Blotan) CD 10€
- BM / postblack. Compliation. With 4 previously unreleased tracks.

Carnyx (fr) "Leaving Reason" (Armée de la Mort) CD 6€
- Black Metal. Album 2010.

Caterva Runa (fr) "Europa Nostra" (Darker Than Black) CD 10€
- French black metal.

Celestia (fr) "Delhÿs-cätess" (Hidden Marly Productions) CD 9€
- Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Last demo, morbider than previous releases. Official cd version...

Cellule 23 (fr) "Rock' Haine' Roll" CD 11€
- RAC.

Cellule 23 (fr) "Franc Parlé" CD 11€
- RAC.

Clandestine Blaze (fin) "Night Of The Unholy Flames" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Repress of the 2nd album. Most straight forward recording of total black metal from Clandestine Blaze. Comes with lyrics.

Clandestine Blaze (fin) "Fist of the northern destroyer" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Repress of 3rd album. Black metal.

Clandestine Blaze (fin) "Harmony of Struggles" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Last full lenght. Finnish black metal.

Chadenn (fr) "Aux portes de la Mort" (Hass Weg Productions) CD 7€
- Raw black metal with a fucking shitty cover !

Chadenn (fr) "Pour Redevenir Poussière" (Hassweg Productions) CD 10€
- Raw black metal. 2nd album.

Chasse-Galerie (can) "Ars Moriendi" (Productions Frères Chasseurs) CD 9€
- Canadian Black metal.

Chelmno (it) "Horizon of Events" (Sun & Moon Records) CD 7€
- Raw and primitive BM in the pure veins of 90's. Satan'Alkololik Terroristii !

Christicide (fr) "s/t" (Those Opposed Records) CD 10€
- Rerelease of the first album. Black metal.

Consumatum Est (it) "Hypnagogia" (Silent Time Noise Records) CD 5€
- Funeral Doom Metal with synth and female apparition, with Greg Chandled (Esoteric) on guest vocal.

Cornigr (fin) "Relics of Inner War" (Ahdistuksen Aihio) CD 13€
- Finnish black metal from member of Vitsaus/Sargeist. Gem of darkness.

Corpus Christii / The Syre (por/can) "F.O.A.D." (Sadolust Records) CD 7€
- A split including only unreleased old tracks from C.C and a lot of cover songs (5/11 !! - C.C, Mayhem, Akitsa, The Syre...)

Corpus Diavolis / Total Satan (fr) "Split 2011" (/500 - Hassweg Productions) Digi CD 10€

Cristalys (fr) "Sureminence" (Self-released) CD 7€
- Epic black metal. For lovers of Osirion, Sigilum Diabolicum and Aorlhac, this time fex parts like Bathory.

Cristalys (fr) "In Hoc Signo Vinces" (Self Released) " Digi CD 11€
- Epic black metal.

Cryfemal (sp) "D6s6nti6rro" (Osmose Productions) CD 11€
- New album, necro black metal.

Cursed Nihil (ru) "s/t" (/500 - Seeds of Black Fog Productions) CD 6€
- 1st Album. Black metal influenced by Deathspell Omega (with a cover of them).