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Dapnom (fr) "Actes Préalables" (Insidious Poisoning Records) CD 8€
- Dark Ambient.

Dapnom (fr) "Verklart Nacht" (Sonic Tyranny Records) CD 8€
- Dark Ambient.

Dapnom / Kenji Siratori (fr/jp) "Nhir otkiva Ym'a'k" (Sabbathid Records) CD 8€
- Dark Ambient

Dapnom (fr) "Paralipomènes a la divine Comédie" (/500 - Mors Ultima Ratio) Digi CD 11€
- 4 Tracks Of Dark Ritual Sophisticated Evil Music. Ltd 500.

Dark Ages (ukr) "the tractatus de hereticis et sortilegiis" (Primitive Reaction) Digi CD 11€
- Dark medieval ambient created by Hate Forest/Drudkh member. 3rd album.

Dark Fury (pol) "Fortress of Eagles" (Under the Sign of Garazel / True Underground Productions) CD 7€
- 2008. Polish ns black metal.

Dark Fury (pol) "The Price of Treason" (True Underground Productions) CD 7€
- 2009. Polish ns black metal.

Dark Fury / Othar (pol) "Necrohate / Auri Sacra Fames" (True Underground Productions) CD 7€
- 2009. Polish ns/war black metal.

Dark Fury (pol) "Saligia" (True Underground Productions) CD 7€
- New conceptual full lenght. Polish war black metal.

Dark Legions (swe) "Satanic Destroyer" (Pestilence Records) CD 5€
- Speed rock with black parts. A sort of Abigail with vocalist from Death Angel ?!

Darkenhöld (fr) "A passage to the towers" (Ancestrale Productions) CD 8€
- Epic medieval black metal.

Darvulia (fr) "Belladone" (Battles'krs) Digi MCD 7.50€
- Now available on CD for the first time ! Necro french black metal at its best form ! RecommenDead !!!

Darvulia (fr) "L'ombre Malicieuse" (Battlesk'rs) CD 12€
- Amazing Necro twisted french black metal. Recommendead !

Dead reptile shrine (fin) "Praise Cemetary" (Antihumanism) CD 9€€
- Black metal.

Deep-pression / Black Hate (pl/mex) "Dwellers in an Infertile World" (/1000 - Self Mutilation Services) A5 CD 8€
- Dark black metal / Dark ambiant likes AEP.

Deep-pression (pol) "4: Void of a Morning" (/1000 - Valse Sinistre Productions) CD 8€
- Ethereal Dark Ambient.

Defuntos (por) "A Negra Vastidão das Nossas Almas" (/500 - Dunkelheit Produktionen) CD 8€
- Insane black metal with cold and rough atmosphere.

Desaster (ger) "Angelwhore" (Reborn Records) CD 10€
- Black Thrash Assault !

Dhampyr (usa) "All the Dead Dears" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Depressive black metal.

Diabolical Principles (grc) "Manifesto of Death" (/500 - KristallBlut Records) CD 9€
- Melodic black metal.

Dodsferd (grc) "Hammering Brutally Your Cross" (/1000 - Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 8€
- Misanthropic black metal. Live CD. 8 tracks : 52 min.

Domgard (swe) "I Nifelhels Skygd" (Frostcald Records) CD 8€
- Swedish Black Metal in the finest old-school traditions of the national scene.

Dominus Ira (ru) ''Negotium Parambulans In Tenebris'' (/500 ・Eerie Torture) CD 8€
- Black metal.

Draconis Infernum (sgp) "Rites of Desecration & Demise) (Hassweg Productions) CD 7€
- Old school oriental black metal.

Drakonhail (fr) "La nuit de Drakonhail" (Self released) CD 12€
- 2007 full lenght now available on CD ! Misanthropic Dark Black Metal. Recommended !

Draugurinn (swe) "Daudada" (/1000 - Le Crépuscule du Soir) CD 7€
- Excellent dark heathenism ! Recommended !

Drowning the Light (aus) "Drowned" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 10€
- 1st full lenght rereleased on CD. Melancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "A World Long Dead / Vampiric Winter" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 10€
- To my opinion the strongest melancholicosatanist black metal gem of DtL.

Drowning the Light (aus) "The Fading Rays Of The Sun" (Obscure Abhorrence) MCD 8€
- Cult australian melancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" (Dark Adversary) CD 11€
- Cult australian melancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "Ocean of Eternity" (Darker Than Black) CD 11€
- Satanicomelancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "Ocean of Eternity" (Darker Than Black) scratched CD 7€
- Satanicomelancholic black metal. New, never played but scratched.

Durthang (swe) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" (/400 - Midwinter Records) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Dux (fr) "Vintras" (/1000 - Hassweg Productions) CD 10€
- Black metal inspired by the concilium specialy Seigneur Voland/Kristallnatch. Member from Orthanc.

Dyster (fr) "Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten" (De Tenebrarum Principio) CD 8€
Deppressive black metal.

Dyster (fr) "Le Cyle Sénescent" (Drakkar) Digi CD 11€
- Dep antiurban black metal for Lifelovers' fan (with cover of them)

Edelweiss (ger) "Absolution" CD 11€
- Brutal RAC

Ego Depths (ukr) "Equilibrium Sickness" (/500 ARX Productions) CD 5€
- Funeral Doom Metal...

Empire of Blood (usa) "Oroboros" (/500 - War Against Yourself) CD 11€
- Black metal, with Black Funeral vocalist.

End (grc) "II" (ISO666) CD 9€
- Misanthropic black metal.

Ende (fr) "Whispers of a Dying Earth" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 10€
- Atmospheric black metal with Reverence / Osculum Infame members.

Enfeus Lodge "s/t" (Obscure Aborrehence) CD 10€
- Unique release of this projekt formed by the wellkown members Xaphan (Seigneur Voland) & Hunferd (Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis). Necromantical concilium black metal in the pure OTAL (new era) way.

Enisum (it) "Arpitanian Lands" (Dusktone Records) Digi CD 12€
- epic/atmospheric black metal.

Ensamhet (fr) "Les Siècles Se Sont Ecoulés" (/1000 - D.U.K.E.) Digi CD 8€
- Black metal performed by Bael members.

Enthroning Silence (it) "Throned upon ashes of dusk" (Dusktone Records) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Eschaton (grc) "Unshaken" (/1000 - Hassweg Productions) CD 9€
- Old school melodic black metal.

Eterna Penumbra (esp) "Odio Antihumano" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 8€
- Hateful and nihilist black metal. Rerelease of the tape with 3 reh' bonus tracks.

Eternal Helcaraxe (irl) "Palest King" (self released) MCD 5€
- Gaelic/pagan black metal. 1st mcd.

Eternal Helcaraxe (irl) "To Whatever End" (self released) MCD 5€
- Last mcd 2010. Great Pagan and raging black metal. For Fan of Immortal, Aldaaron, Ancient Rites...

Excruciate 666 (fr) "Ridings Fire of Hate" (Infernal Kommando) CD 8€
- After more 10 years of existence Excruciate 666 releases its first full lenght.
8 tracks for 33 min of black metal !

Falkenbach (ger) "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty / ...and call Tyr twice..." (Napalm Records) CD 11€

Fatal Desolation (jp) "Cold, Starless, Moonless" (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 7€

Feigur (fr) "Désolation" (Deus Ex Machina) Digi CD 11€
- Atmospheric, ambient black metal.

Flamen (it) "Supremo Die" (Hassweg Productions) MCD 7€
- Pagan black metal in the vein of Graveland, Werewolf and Aryan Art.

Forbidden Eye (ch) "Orthodox Path of Worship" (Bergstolz) CD 10€
- Occult and satanic black metal.

Forest (ru) "Like a Blaze Above the Ashes" (Stellar Winter) CD 9€
- Cold Misanthropic Russian Black Metal.

Forest (ru) "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" (Stellar Winter) CD 9€
- Cold Misanthropic Russian Black Metal.

Forest (ru) "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity " (Stellar Winter) CD 9€
- Cold Misanthropic Russian Black Metal.

Forest (ru) "Like a Blaze Above the Ashes" (ISO666) CD 10€
- Cold Misanthropic Russian Black Metal. European version.

Förjgord (fin) "Sielunvihollinen" (Hammer of Hate) CD 10€
- Third album (2012.). Primitive finnish black metal.

Forgotten Tomb (it) "Negative Megalomania" (Carnal Records) CD 12€
- Pure negativity. Only depression.

Forgotten Woods (nor) "Sjvel av Natten" (Total Holocaust Records) CD 10€
- Mcd now released with bonus reh' tracks. Excellent FW stuff.

Fornicatus (fin) "Omnium Animalis Terminus" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 6€
- Depressif black metal influenced by Shining and Hypothermia.

Fourth Monarchy (it) "Amphilochia" (/999 - Helvete.ru) Digi 10€
- A mix between the typish russian riffs and vocals of Tvangeste crossed to the greatness of melodic and symphonic from italia.

Fraternité Blanche (fr) "88core" CD 11€
- Hardcor NS.

Fraternité Blanche / Panzerjager (fr) "unité nordique" CD 11€
- Split core/RAC.

Freitod (ch) "Possessed by the Horns of Terror" (/500 - BergStolz) CD 10€
- Schweiz Black Metal Terror !

FreitodZeremonie (ch) "Monotonie Leben" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Suicidal black metal.

Funeral Fog (it) "Isolated from Light" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Misanthropic black metal.

Funerary Bell (fin) "The Coven" (Undercover Records) CD 10€
- Finnish esoteric black metal.

Funerary Bell (fin) "The Second Manifesto" (Undercover Records) MCD 7€
- Finnish esoteric black metal.

Galgenberg (pol) "Blutgrund/Galgenberg" (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 11€
- Tracks 1-4 from "Blutgrund", 5-9 from "Galgenberg" demos. Polish antichristian black metal.

Geimhre / Shade (can) "For the Blood of Hinterland/Isa" (Stellar Winter) CD 7€
- Pagan/heathen black metal on both side.

Geimhre (can) "Noidagh" (Northern Horde Records) CD 8€
- Last album. Pagan/heathen black metal.

Gelida Obscuritas (ru) "Heart of Chaos" (Gravestench Productions) CD 6€
Misanthropic black metal. 8 titles 2 covers of Tsjuder and Mayhem.

Gnome (jp) "Silent Scream" (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 9€€
- Blackened doom japanese metal.

Gorgon (fr) "Lady Rides a Black Horse" (Todestrieb Records) CD 10€
- Official reissue of their 1st opus. Including 5 bonus tracks from their EP and 2 unreleased 94' tracks. brutal/Melodic black metal.

Gorugoth (jp) "Gorugoth" (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 9€
- Re-release of demo material from the Japanese Black Metal Legend.

Gratzug / Infamous (ger/it) "split" (Hammerbund) CD 10€
- Atmospheric german BM / Epic and luminous black metal.

Gratzug (ger) "Offenbarung" (/500 - Hammerbund) CD 11€
- Atmospheric german black metal.

Gratzug (ger) "Erhabenheit" (Hammerbund) Digi CD 13€
- Atmospheric german black metal.

Grimlair (fr) "Tragedy in Silence" (/500 - Rigorism Productions) CD 9€
- Misanthropic depressive black metal. Recommended.

Grimlair (fr) "Self-Inflected State" (/500 - Rigorism Productions) CD 9€
- Misanthropic depressive black metal with deep atmosphere.Intro/Outro instrumental, sadly beautiful.

Grimlair / Klär / Unending Hatred (fr/usa) "Landscape of Lifeless Memories" (/500 - Solitude and Despair Music) CD 8€
- Split with varitation of depressive elements : suicidal, shoegaze, melancholic black metal.

Grimlair / Acedi / Nocturnal Depression / Black Hate / Blodarv "Shadows of Tragedy" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services / Razor Blade) CD 8€
- Depressive black metal.

Grinded Nig (usa) shriek of the mutilated" CD 11€
- NS Grindcore !!!

Grisatre (fr) "Paroxystique" (Dusktone Records) Digi CD 12€
- Depressive black metal.

Gromm (ukr) "Pilgrimage amidst the Catacombs of Negativism" (Propaganda) MCD 6€
- Black metal.

Grudom (den) "Demo 12" (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 11€
- Obscure black metal. Recommended.

Grudom (den) "De Tavse Kvad" (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 11€
- Obscure black metal. Recommended.

Grudom (den) "Skænk mig dig Liv" (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 11€
- Obscure black metal. Recommended.

Grudom (den) "Dødens Likvid" (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 11€
- Obscure black metal. Recommended.

Grunt / Taint (usa/fin) "Schoolyard Bruises" (Antihumanism) CD 8€
- Tortured noisy experience. Grunt is founded by guy from Northern Heritage, Clandestine Blaze...

Haeres (can) "Héritiers du Sang Noir" (Productions Frères Chasseurs) CD 9€
- Melodic Canadian Black metal.

Hag-Hag-Hagal (ru) "s/t" (Valgriind) CD 10€
- High-quality atmospheric Lovecraftian Martial Dark Ambient.

Hakuja (jp) "Legacy" (Apparitia Recording) Digi CD 11€
- Excellent black metal clearly influenced by the french scene. For Fan of Kristallnacht and so on...

Hammer ov Qliphoth / Blackness (ru) "Monotheistic Supremacy / V.I.T.R.I.O.L." A5 CD 10€
- Minimalist raw black metal.

Hammemit (eng) "Nature Mystic" (Todestrieb Records) CD 9€
- New name of the dark ambiant bm project Emit.

Hamnskifte (swe) "Fodzlepijnan" (Frostcald Records) Digi CD 10€
- Medieval drone/black folk.

Hanged Ghost (por) "Knowledge of the Occult" (/300 - Bubonic Productions) CD 9€
- Occvlt Doom death.

Hautakammio (fin) "Kukaan ei opasta teitä pimeässä" (Darker Than Black) CD 8€
- Hateful black metal.

Harza (ru) "War" (True Underground Productions) CD 6€
- New album 2010. War black metal.

Hate Forest (ukr) "Dead but Dreaming" (Primitive Reaction) CD 9€
- Last act for this hateful nietzshean monster. Gathering 2 new tracks + an Arkona's cover and 4 lives tracks. Rebirth under Blood of Kingu.

Heimdalls Wacht (ger) "Nichtorte" (Heidens Art) CD 8€
- Authentic and nostalgic pagan black metal.

Helel (fr) "A Sigil Burnt Deep into the Flesh" (Debemur Morti) Digi MCD 7€

Helslakt (ch) "D'une Mélomanie Perverse au Leitmotiv d'Helslakt" (/500 - Forges Productions) CD 8€
- After severals demos Helslakt comes with the first full-lenght. Primitive black metal.

Helslakt (ch) "Corruption" (Bergstolz Productions) CD 10€
- Second and probably last album for this promising dead band. Primitive raw black metal.

Holy Death (pl) "Knight, Death and Devil" (Fallen Angel) CD 10€
- Polish black metal. Last album before the split-up.

Hordagaard (nor) "Anti Human Anti Life" (ISO 666) CD 9€
- Compilation 2006. Raw finnish black metal.

Hordagaard (nor) "Poltergeist" (ISO 666) CD 9€
- After near 30th demo, Hordagaard releases his 2nd full lenght. Raw finnish black metal with some melodies.

Horna (fin) "Kun Synkkä Ikuisuus Avautuu" (Stellar Winter) CD 10€
- Compilation Including demo material of "Sudentaival" and "Ordo Regnum Sathanas" from year 2000.

Horna (fin) "Ääniä Yössä" (Debemur Morti) CD 11€
- Finnish black metal. Album 2006.

HSN (fr) "The Eye" (self release) MCD 5€
- Black metal during 19 min.

Ignis Gehenna (aus) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" (/500 - Misanthropic Art Productions) MCD 5€
- Australian occult metal in a Watain's veins.

Ill Omen (aus) "Compendium Meleficarum" (/500 - Adverse Order Music) Digi CD 11€
- Occvlt australian black metal.

Imago Mortis "Ars Obscura" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Occult Black Metal.

Immortal (nor) "Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism" (Osmose) CD 13€
- Unholy Forces of Evil !

Immortal (nor) "At the Heart of Winter" (Osmose) CD 13€
- Kvlt black fucking cold heavy metal. Where dark and light don't differ ! Argh !

In Cauda Venenum (fr) "In Cauda Venenum" (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) Digi CD 10€
- Black yet luminous atmospheric black metal.

Infernal Necromancy (jp) "1997 - 2000 " (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 10€
- Compilation gatering "No Title Demo - (Unreleased)", Split "Bestial Holocaust", "Rehearsal Tape"," Reh.00", "Primitive Ar"t and "Melancholic Art". Kamikaze black metal ! 18 tracks.

Infernal Necromancy (jp) "2001 - 2002" (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 10€
- Compilation gathering materials from "Reh H. 13", "Reh 2002", "Promo 2002". 12 tracks of Kamikaze black metal !

Infernal Necromancy (jp) "2002 - 2006" (Zero Dimensional Records) CD 10€
- Compilation gathering split with "Frozn", "Live demo 2004", "Forgotten Wisdom" and split with Samyoi. 12 tracks of Kamikaze black metal !

Infernal Necromancy / Kanashimi (jp) "Hikari to Yami " (/234 - Zero Dimensional Records) CD 10€
- Kamikaze black metal. 4 tracks from each bands.

Insane Vesper (fr) "Abominations of Death" (Art of Propaganda) CD 8€
- Satanic black metal.

Instinct (en) "Au Auroral Gathering of Skulls" (/500 - Schattenkult Produktionen) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Irae (por) "To those stand... Evil Prevails..." (Infinite Darkness Productions) CD 9€
- Raw uncompromising portuguese black metal. Compilation of these two demos.

Irae (esp) "Rites of Unholy Destruction" (Tenebrd Music) CD 10€
- Compilation. Pure hateful, misanthropic portuguese black metal.

Irminsul (ger) "Irminsul" (Purity Through Fire) CD 9€
- Pagan black metal.

Irminsul (ger) "Fader" (Purity Through Fire) CD 9€
- Pagan black metal.

Iron Fist (fr) "Jungle Urbaine" CD 11€
- Old school RAC.

Irrwisch (fr) "Irrwisch" (Those Opposed Records) CD 10€
- Great atmospheric darkened black metal.

Ithdabquth Qliphoth (ru) "Funeral of Holy, holy and holy transformation" (Res Adversaer Productions) MCD 6.66€
- Okkvlt satanist russian black gem.

Ixxi (swe) "Elect Darkness" (Candlelight Records) CD 8€
- Black metal with r'n'r influence like the last Satyricon.

Kailash "Past Changing Fast" (Frostcald Records) CD 8€
- Avantgarde/post black metal.

Kalmankantaja / Wyrd (fin) "split" (War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Finnish atmospheric black metal, new material, and few covers for Wyrd.

Karg / Andrarakh (ger) "Traumrumen" (Kunstaunch) CD 8€
- Acoustic black metal / Experimental melancholic black metal.

Karg (ger) "Apathie" (Obscure Abhorrence) Digi CD 10€
- Ambient/post black metal.

Kawir (grc) "Arai" (Solistitium Records) CD 10€
- Pure hellenic black metal. Third album.

Kawir (grc) "Ophiolatreia" (Those Opposed Records) Digi CD 11€
- Kawir comes back with a new album, melodic greek black metal. Nothing to do with the previous Arai.

Kroda (ukr) "Ginnungagap GinnungaGaldr GinnungaKaos" (Purity Through Fire) Digi CD 12€
- Great black metal.

Kolp (hun) "The Valley of Plague" (/450 - War Against Yourself) MCD 6€
- Cold black metal with depressive influence.

Korgonthurus (fin) "Marras" (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) CD 9€
- Traditional finnish black metal. Full lenght.

Korium (slk) "Do Komnát Vecnej Zimy" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Korium (slk) "Strážcovia Hradu (Guardians of the Castle)" (/450 - War Against Yourself) "CD 9€
- Eerie cold black metal.

Kosa (ukr) "Evilabsorption" (/999 - Propaganda) CD 8€
- Satanic and misanthropic black metal.

Kosa (ukr) "Sintemptation" (/999 - Propaganda) Digi CD 10€
- New album (and probably the best of the band...) of this misanthropic raw black metal.

Kozeljnik (srb) "Deeper the Fall" (Paragon Records) CD 7€
- Black FOAD metal. For fan of S.V.E.S.T. / Negura Bunget with vocals like Nocturo Culto of Circle the Wagons...

Krief de Soli (can) "Procul Este, Profani" (Endless Winter) CD 5€
- Funeral Doom metal.

Kristallnacht (fr) "Blooddrenched Memorial" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 12€
- Compilation of ALL K'nacht materials on this CD Memorial. Simply needed !!! Concilium Black Metal.