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Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv / Immemorial (fr) "Quantum of abstract physics" (/500 - Le Crépuscule du Soir) Digi CD 11€
- Ambiant.

Legion of Doom (grc) "Kingdom of endless darkness" (ISO666) CD 9€€
- Fist full lenght. Greek black metal.

Legion of Doom (grc) "For those of the blood"(ISO666) CD 9€
- Second full lenght. Greek black metal.

Lemovice (fr) "Lemovice" CD 11€
- RAC.

Lethargy of Death (chl) "Necrology" (Endless Winter) CD 5€
- Funeral Doom Metal.

Lik (swe) "Ma Ljuset Aldrig Na Oss Mer" (/1000 - Frostcald Records) CD 11€
- Swedish black/rock/folk metal.

Lik (swe) "Besvartade Strofer" (/1000 - Frostcald Records) CD 11€
- Swedish black/rock/folk metal.

Loits (est) ""Ei Kahetse Midagi" (Drakkar) Digi CD 10€
- Flak n'Roll - Reissue on 4p. Digipack & 12p. booklet. Available on LP too.

Lordamor (fin) "Lordamor" (Descending Towards Damnation) CD 8€
- 65 min, very good doom metal. A sort of Blood Red Fog (split with Funerary Bell) but in minimalist and doom way, vocals performed by BRF.

Lucifugum (ukr) "On Hooks To Pieces!" (Oaken Shield) CD 11€
- Excellent second full lenght, majestuous symphonic black metal. Reedit including a bonus track recorded in 2005.

Lucifugum (ukr) "...And the Wheel Keeps Crunching..." (Oskorei Music) Digi 11€
- Third album available now on digipack. Include 3 bonus tracks (2 old tracks and a new track recorded in 2005.) than the tape version.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Stigma Egoism" (Drakkar) CD 8€
- They don't play, they attack by antihuman Poisonous Black Metal.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Vector 33" (/1000 - Propaganda) CD 9€
- First full lenght with the new and actual line up. A new beginning for the band.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Vector 33" (/999 - Propaganda) CD 10€
- First satanik assault now remastered and reissued in the veins of the new satanic path.

Lucifugum (ukr) "The Supreme Art of Genocide" (/500 - Propaganda) Digi 11€
- Full-lenght now on digipack, include 1 ritual videoclip.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Involtation" (/1500 - Propaganda) CD 10€
- 12th album from the raw satanic Ukrainian black metal band.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Sectane Satani" (/1500 - Propaganda) CD 9€
- A Masterpiece of Hatred and Satanism as Black Metal must be.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Acme Adeptum" (/2000 - Propaganda) Digi 10€
- New act of Anticreation by these two Unhumans. 7 tracks-nooses on the neck of the light of life. The real face of the Supreme Evil Art. Available on triptych digi sleeve and slip case.
First 500 come with A4 poster + sticker.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Xa Heresy" (/999 - Propaganda) Digi CD 10€
- Now available the new offering of these 2 unhumans. 8 tracks of wolfish, cursed and supreme satanic black metal. In the veins of Evil only.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Od Omut Serpenti" (/1099 - Propaganda) Digi CD 11€
- Satanic Black Metal Autentism. New Poison ready to be spread in your veins. Comes with 10x10cm sticker.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Sublimessiah" (/999 - Propaganda) Digi CD 11€
- New album 2014 with Khlyst on vocals for first time. Satanic black metal.

Lucifugum (sp) "Invade" (War is Imminent) Digi CD 4€
- Black metal. Second hand.

Lugubre (nl) "Chaoskult - Hymns of Destruction" (/666 - Heidens Art) CD 8€
- Black metal. Compilation gathering tracks from previous demos (ressurection of the beast, Kriich and promo...) and split (w/ teratism and misanthropy) + 2 rerecorded tracks.

Lugubrum (be) "Face Lion - Face Oignon" (Those Opposed Records) CD 10€
- After over 20 years of activity Lugubrum strikes again with their unique shamanic jazzy weirded black metal.

Lustre (swe) "Serenity" (/1000 - Kunsthauch) MCD 5€
- Rereleased of the first 2008 self-product demo. 20 min of good melancholic, ambiant black metal.

Lutomysl (ukr) "Overcoming Babylon" (Nihil Ward Productions) CD 10€
- New album. Nihilistic and melancholic eastern black metal in the unique style of Lutomysl !

Lux Divina (sp) "From The Tomb To Nature's Blood" (Ars Magna Recordings) CD 8€
- Great pagan 1st album.

Lykauges (grc) "Swan Song" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 6€
- Black metal. Album 2010.

Lythany / Vulto (por) "Ritual de Privação" (Discipline Productions) CD 7€

Malediction (fr) "IX Sorcerers" (Hassweg Productions) CD 8€
- True black metal.

Malhkebre (fr) "Prostration" (Ahdistuksen Aihio) Slipcase MCD 8€
- CD Reissue. Black Metal for Him...

Managarm (usa) "Poems of the Shadows Disappointment" (/1000 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 7€
- Germanic black metal influenced by Nargaroth but with Wedard (drummer of it) too.

Maniac Butcher (cze) "Masakr" (Negative Existence) CD 8€
- New full lenght 2010 (30min) from this kvlt black metal band !

Marduk (nor) "Opus Nocturne" (Osmose) CD 13€
- Kvlt album of swedish black metal. 3trd album.

Marduk (nor) "Those of the Unlight" (Omose) CD 13€
- Swedish black metal. Marduk at it's best form to my opinion. Wolves ! 2nd album.

Marduk (nor) "Heaven shall burn..." (Osmose) CD 13€
- Kvlt album of swedish black metal. 4th album.

Mek Na Ver (it) "Heresy" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 8€
- Raw & Cold, Melancholic. but Fast and Primitive!!! Member Of Forgotten Tomb, Consummatum Est, Sturmkaiser.

MGLA (pl) "Presence" (Northern Heritage) MCD 7.50€
- Polish black metal. 3 tracks.

MGLA (pl) "Groza" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Polish black metal.

MGLA (pl) "Excercices in Futility" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Polish black metal.

MGLA (pl) "Mdlosci / Further Down the Nest" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Polish black metal

MGLA (pl) "With Hearts Toward None" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Polish dark black metal.

Midnight Odyssey (aus) "The Forest Mourners" (/1000 - Kunstauch) CD 9€
- Atmospheric epic black metal ambient.

Molested (now) "Blod-draum / Stormvold" (Ars Magna Recordings) 2CD 11€
- Death Metal Hymn ! 2 CD including the entire discography (including the remastered version of Blod-draum).

Morbius (usa) "Sojourns Through The Septiac" (Storms Of Steel /Non Compos Mentis) CD 11€
- Surprising melo-technical death metal squad from one guy of GBK/Arghoslent and his brother.

Moredhel (all) "Burn your local Church" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 9€
- 17 tracks (+ 3 covers of Nargaroth, Venom and Sodom.) split between 1 live with a high fucking sound and a 2008 demo. German black metal.

Moredhel (all) "Satanik Endsieg" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 9€
- German satanik black metal with Kanwulf on guest-bass.

Mork (nor) "Isebakke" (HSP Productions) Digi CD 11€
- Norvegian black metal.

Mortifera (fr) "Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera" (Apparitia Recordings) Digi CD 13€
- Brillant desperate and melancholic bleak blak metal reedited after a long sold out time.

Mortualia / Inmitten des Waldes (fin/br) "Split 2009" (/500 - Dunkelheit Produktionen / Self Mutilation Services) CD 10€
- 3 tracks of each band. Finnish black metal / Great depressive black metal.

Mortualia (fin) "Blood of the Hermit" (Dark Adversary) CD 12€
- Melancholic black metal by the mighty Shatraug !

Mournful Congregation (aus) "The June Frost" (Weird Truth Productions) CD 10€
- Last album. Monumental Doom.

Mourning Forest (fr) "de la Vermine" (Hassweg Productions) CD 10€
- 2nd album from this promising young french bm band. Melancholic black metal.

Mourning Forest / Sad (fr/grc) "And Nothing Shalt Remain" (/1000 - Hassweg Productions) CD 9€
- Raw Melodic Black Metal.

Murw (nl) "In de mond van het onbekende wacht een oceaan" (Heidens Hart) CD 7€
- Eerie melancholic black metal.

Musta Kappeli (fin) "Saatanassa Ulvoneet" (Primitive Reaction) MCD 7€
- After some demo and a EP with Blood Red Fog, Musta Kappeli comes back with a 23min of darkened mid-paced black metal still with syntz.

Musta Kappeli (fin) "Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon" (Primitive Reaction) Digi CD 10€
- Dark atmospheric finish black metal. 1st full lenght.

Musta Kappeli / Korgonthurus (fin) "split 2010" (/1000 - Hammer of Hate) Digi CD 10€
- Dark atmospheric finish black metal.

Myrd (den) "Forbandet Frau Foedsel" (Purity Through Fire) CD 10€
- Black metal.

Myrd (den) "Myrd dig selv" (Purity Through Fire) CD 10€
- Black metal.

Nahar (fr) "A moment of dead emotions" (/500 - Korosiv production) MCD 7€
- Necro black metal with Corven. A mix between Nehemah and old Darkthrone.

Nav' (ru) "Из Нави В Явь" (Assault Records) Digi CD 11€
- Compilation of the first two demos “From Nav to Jav” and “A Hymn to Cold Silence”. Dark and Cold russian black metal.

Nebelschwaden (ger) "Nostalgie & Apathie" (/500 - War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Bleak black metal.

Necropole (fr) "s/t" (Northern Heritage) CD 11€
- Compilation gathering the previous demos. French underground black metal in the old veins of Concilium.

Nekrokrist SS / Faagrim (fin/ger) "Strike of the Northern Legion" (/1000 - Darker than Black) CD 9€
- Finnish/german raging war black metal alliance !

Nekrokrist SS / Infamous (fin/it) "Split" (Hammerbund) Digifile CD 11€
- Finnish / Italian black metal alliance. 4 tracks for each band approx 40 min.

Nekronoiz / Kenji Siratori (fr/jp) "Sacrifice Creature" (Necrocosm Productions) Digi CD 11€
- Dark ambiant.

Nemesis Irae (bel) "BDS²M : Blasphemy - Desecration - Satanic Supremacy - Misanthropy"(/500 - Infernal Kommando) CD Slipcase 9€
- With member of Alasthor and Despise. Antichristian black/death metal.

Nenavist (ukr) "Inhuman" (Bubonic Productions) CD 6€
- Nihilistic black metal with great vocals !

Nidsang (swe) "The Mark of Death" (/1000 - Drakkar) CD 10€
- Swedish black metal.

Night Must Fall (fin) "Dissonance of Thought" (Descendig Towards Damnation) CD 7€
- Atmospheric funeral drone/doom with growl and scorched vocals. 2 tracks : 40 min.

Nihasa (grc) "Brahamanda Xul Grimoire" (/500 - Nihilward Productions) Digi CD 10€
- Occult hellenic black metal. Rerelease 2010 on digipack.

Nocturnal Amentia (ukr) "Her Regnum Meum Est" (/1000 - Hassweg Productions) CD 8€
- Satanic Ukrainian Black Metal.

Nocturnal Depression / Wedard (fr/ger) "Beyond The Light" (Wotanstahl Klangschmiede / Sounds of Cold Silence) CD 8€
- When Darkness Cover my Soul, tacken from Suicidal Thoughts' ND album / 2 inedits Wedard's tracks.

Nocturnal Depression / Benighted in Sodom / Deathrow (fr/usa/ita) "Dismal Empyrean Solitude" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 9€
- Funeral desolate blackened doom metal. 3 tracks, 38 mins.

Nommam Erytz (fr) "s/t" (Insidious Poisoning Records) CD 7€
- Dark ambiant in the veins of Dapnom and AEP.

Nostalgic Darkness (it) "Nostalgic Darkness" (War Against Yourself" CD 9€
- Depressive black metal inspired by Leviathan, Xasthur...

Novae Militae (fr) "Affliction Of The Divine" (Nihil Ward Productions) CD 9€
- Over 30 min of french occult black metal.

Nox Inferi (aus) "Adverse Spheres" (Those Opposed Records) CD 9€
- Doom with sludge and drone parts. With members from Corpus Christii, DtL, Toil...

Numen (sp) "Numen" (/1000 - Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) CD 7€
- rerelease of the third album of this spanish band. Epic black metal.

Obscura Monotonia Animae (it) "Crepusculum Aeternorum Cruciatuum" (/500 - KristallBlut Records) Digi CD 12€
- Ambiant black metal.

Obskure Torture (dn) "Spilling The Blood Of The World" (Rotting Grave) CD 5€
- Raw and Torturous Death influenced Funeral Doom. This album contains both their "Necro Rituals" demo and their "Worship The Beast" EP with a brand new song. Recommended for fans of Necro Schizma, Nortt, Mournfull Congregation...

Odal (sp) "lobos de Odin" CD 11€
- Spanisch RAC.

Odar (bsn) "Zavjet Dalekom Snu" (/1000 - Sonic Temple Records) CD 7€
- A war black metal with epic touches. For fan of Osirion, and Mortuus (from Marduk) !

Odor Mortis (ru) "Shining Substance" (/418 - Thou Shalt Kill !) CD 9€
- Russian occult and primitive black metal.

Old Wainds (ru) "Where the Snows Are Never Gone..." (Negative Existence) CD 10€
- Rereleased 2011 of the second demo with english translation... Russian cold black metal.

Old Wainds (ru) "Death Nord Kult" (Debemur Morti) Digi CD 11€
- Freezing russian black metal. 3rd album.

Opera IX (it) Back to Sepulcro" (Dusktone Records) CD 10€
- Symphonic blackened goth metal.

Order of Orias (aus) "Birth" (Obscure Abhorrence) Digi MCD 7€
- Black/death Metal. MCD 2011.

Ördög (fr) "The Art of Nihilism" (Armée de la Mort Records) CD 10€
- Rerelease of debut three demos tapes now available in 1CD. French chaotic black metal.

Osculum Infame (fr) "Consuming the Metatron" (Battlesk'rs Productions) Digi CD 12€
- New and unreleased material, one track from 2011 (Inner Falling for the Glory of God) and five tracksfrom their last recording session and from an unreleased album recorded early in 1999.

Osirion (fr) "Har Sabbat" (DUKE) CD 8€
- French antichristian black metal.

Ostots (esp) "Eriotzaren Bidezidorrak" (/500 - Darker than Black) CD 10€
- Melodic yet raw black metal.

Ostots (esp) "Hil Agri" (/500 - Altare Productions / Darker Than Black) CD 10€
- New album of this great spanish black metal OMB. Remembering some finnish/french bands with more atmospheric part.

Panzerflower (fr) "Maximum War...Minimum Love" (/465 - DUKE) CD 7€
- 11 track demo : 25 mn of pure Sex, Drugs, and Rock'n Roll attack ! Still to those who are pussyeaters ! With special guests..

Paymon (it) "Beyond Darkess I Fall" (/500 - Schattenkult Produktionen) CD 9€
- True black metal.

Pensées Nocturnes (fr) "Grotesque" (Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions) CD 10€
- Neoclassical mixed with black metal. Appreciate by Gris' fan etc...

Permixtio (it) "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" (/1000 - Sun & Moon Records) CD 7€
- Black metal.

Pestkreuz (can) "Perdition Discipline" (Nihil Ward Productions) MCD 7€
- Black metal.

Piorun (blr) "Stajemy Jak Opice" (Eastside) CD 7€
- Slavonic pagan folk created by members of Nokturnal Mortum and Wilk. Rerelease of the demo previously called "Z Rak Nam Ziemi Nie Wydrzecie".

Phobonoid (it) "Orbita" (Dusktone Records) MCD 6€
- Ambiant black metal.

Possession Ritual (ger) "Incense Of Opened Gates" (Nihil Ward Productions) CD 9€
- Satanic black metal.

Praesepe (eng/pol) "Vesperae" (Deus Ex Machina Division) CD 8€
- Progressive/Dark metal.

Profundae Libidines (fr) "El Viaje Definitivo" (Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) Digi CD 9€
- Black Metal inspired by mexican and japanese conceptual art.

Quintessence (fr) "Le Fléau De Ton Existence" (Hidden Marly Productions) CD 10€
- Cold yet epic french black metal with Xavier from Manzer. 2nd album with live in toulouse as bonus. (5 tracks including a new title and a cover of Sarcofago).

Raggradarh (ru) "Battle" (Legion Blotan) CD 6€
- Monotonous and hypnotic black metal.

Raven (nor) "The Murder Session" (ATMF) Digi CD 11€
- Pre Forgotten Woods. Kvlt raw and uncompromising norvegian black metal.

Regnant and Thrall (fr) "Sex Polizei" (Nihil Voices Productions) CD 9€
- French black metal.

Rein (fr) "La cocaïne des Seigneurs" (Hass Weg Productions) CD 10€
- Black metal.

Remigius (swe) "Daemonolatreiae Libri Tres..." (Darker Than Black) Digi CD 10€
- Obscure swedish dark ambiant. Dedicated to the Devil.

Reverence (fr) "Chamber of Divine Elaboration" (Avantgarde Music) Digi CD 13€
- Black metal.

Riddle of Meander (grc) "Orcus" (Excesor Christianorum Records) CD 9€
- Pure Satanic hate plague.

Ride for Revenge (fin) "Under the Eye) (Kvlt Records) CD 10€
- Finnish Black/Death metal.

Ruins (ger) "Chamber of Perversion" (Negative Existence) Digi MCD 6€
- 2010 new offering. Black/thrash madness !

Ruins (aus) "Cauldron" (Debemur Morti) Digi CD 10€
- Wicked powerful black metal. 2nd full lenght.

Ruins (aus) "Front the Final Foes" (Debemur Morti) Digi CD 10€
- Wicked powerful black metal. 3rd full lenght.