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Sacrificia Mortuorum (fr "Damnatorum Ferrum" (Apparitia Recordings) Digi CD 13€
- A gem for this kind. Melancolic black metal.
Absolutly recommended !! Comes in a luxuous digipack and a very good layout.

Sacrificia Mortuorum (fr) "Railler l'Hymen de l'Oubli" (Apparitia Recording) Digi CD 13€
- Melancholic epic french black metal.

Sacrificia Mortuorum / Orthanc (fr) "split" (Hass Weg Productions) CD 10€
Epic french BM / Blackened Oï.

Sacrilegious Impalement (fin) "s/t" (Debemur Morti) MCD 7€
- Four tracks of straight-forward old school black metal from Finland.

Sale Freux (fr) ''La mélancolie des pennes'' (/500 ・France d'Oïl Poductions) CD 12€
- Now finaly available on CD. Including lyrics (french of course !) and great booklet. Uncompromising french underground black metal. Recommended !

Sale Freux (fr) "Subterraneus" (COD Music) CD 12€
- Reedition of 2nd pure and raw black metal. No more, no less than first edition. Just like a second press.

Sale Freux (fr) "L'Exil" (C.O.D. Release) CD 12€
- Reissue of this excellent rural french black metal gem. Alternative artwork than LMH release.

Sale Freux (fr) "Crèvecoeur" (France d'Oïl) Digi CD 13€
- Another gem of black metal unleashed by Dunkel. Pure melancholy. His best work till now. absolutly recomended.

Sanctus Daemoneon (den) "Grey Metropolis" (Regimental Records) CD 8€
- dark mental psychedelic rock / acoustic experimental ambient.

Sanctus Daemoneon (den) "Nothingless Nothingness" (/1000 - Dunkelkunst) MCD 6€
- dark mental psychedelic rock / acoustic experimental ambient.

Sanctus Daemoneon (den) "The UnaVOIDable" (Negative Existence) CD 8€
- Dark and eerie music with a lot influences from black metal, ambient, psychedelia, shoe-gaze to trip hop. Last album.

Sanctus Nex (it) "Aurelia" (ATMF) CD 7€
- Esoteric funeral doom/black.

Satanic Warmaster (fin) "Strenght and Honour" (Northern Heritage) CD 12€
- Arghh ! Satanic Black Metal Attack. Pure finnish BM. Recommendead !!

Satanize (por) "Infernal Conquest in Jerusalem" (/500 Tour de Garde) CD 7€
- Raw and misanthropic black metal. For fan of Akitsa, Akerbeltz...

Satanize (por) "Holy Destruction Ritual" (Discipline Productions) CD 8€
- New album of this obscure portuguese black metal band.

Saturnian Mist (fin) "Repellings" (Descending Towards Damnation) MCD 6€
- Finnish black metal.

Schrat (ger) "Schattenwahn" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 8€
- German black metal.

Searing Skull / Hasserben (fr) "De Vesontio Ad Argentoratum" (D.U.K.E. / Atavism Records) CD 7€
- raw VS raging old school bm. 1st cd for the 2 bands.

Sect (ru) "WWIII" (Assault Records) CD 8€
- Fast and slow, avant-garde and classical, melodic and rough Black Metal.

Seelengreif (ger) "Jenseits der Schatten" (Tour de Garde) CD 7€
- Sorrow german black metal with acoustic interludes.

Sektarism (fr) "L'Offrande" (Insidious Poisoning Records) MCD 6€
- 1 track of ritualistic funeral doom.

Sektarism (fr) "Le Son des Stigmates" (Zanzeer Zani) Digi CD 12€
- Ritualistic funeral doom.

Shadows Ground (ukr) "Mysteria Mystica Calvus Mons" (/666 - Schattenkult Produktionen) CD 8€
- Ukrainian black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Bewuksteinserweiterung" (Azermedoth Records) CD 11€
- Majestuous ambiant black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Kältetod" (Nordsturm Productions) CD 11€
- Cold ambiant minimalist black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Verfallen & Verendet" (Nordsturm Productions) CD 11€
- Ambiant depressive black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Endlösung" (Kunstaunch) CD 11€
- Ambiant depressive black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Kältetod²" (KristallBlut Records) Digi CD 13€
- Cold ambiant minimalist black metal.

Sieghetnar (ger) "Die Hymne der Zerbrechlichkeit²" (KristallBlut Records) Digi CD 13€
- Cold ambiant minimalist black metal.

Sielunvihollinen (fin) "Syvyydestä" (Darker than Black) CD 9€
- Both demo remastered. Finnish BM.

Sielunvihollinen (fin) "Hautaruhtinas" (Darker than Black) CD 9€
- Debut album. Finnish black metal.

Shores of Ladon (ger) " Eindringling" (SOL Records) CD 8€
- Final and improved recordings of 5 more songs from the demo/rehearsal era plus one new song which was planned as transition to "Waldlied" but became a full neofolk song.

Shroud of Satan (ger) " Litany to the Moon" (/500 - SOL Records) MCD 6€
- Fast black metal.

Siechenheim (ger) "german black metal" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence) CD 8€
- All in the title !

Silcharde (fr) "Sortilège de Mécréant" (/500 - Frozen Wings Records) CD 5€
- First album of this deranged OMB. Ethereal Dark Ambient.

Sinisterite (uk/fin) "S/t" (Pest 666) CD 9€
- 1st album for this new prject with Nox and Shatraug from Horna. Black/Thrash Doom Madness !

Sinisterite (uk/fin) "The Unclean Days" (Bubonic Productions / Legion Blotan Records) CD 9€
- Second full length. Still a black/punkish thrash doom metal madness !

Slaegt (den) "Ildsvanger" (Final Agony Records) CD 11€
- Raw black metal. Remembering the 90's, and my opinion the mighty Vlad Tepes ! Recommendead !!

Slaktare (chn) "From fall of leaves to Painful Wrath" (Misanthropic Art Productions) 2CD 12€
- Misanthropic black metal. Compilation gathering the two demos.

Slavia (nor) "Integrity & Victory" (Drakkar) CD 9€
- New album. Chaotic black metal.

Slavia (nor) "Strength and Vision" (Drakkar) Digi CD 11€
- Chaotic black metal.

Slecht (be) "Transient" (Unlight Productions) CD 8€
- Black metal.

Sombre Chemin (fr) "Doctrine" (ISO 666) CD 10€
- Pagan / NS melancholic black metal.

Sombre Chemin / Ornament of Sin (fr) "Durch Ruinen und düstere Kriegsfelder" (ISO 666) CD 10€
- Raw and crude french NS black metal.

Sombre Labyrinthe (be) "Heptagram rising" (/500 - Eggs of Nihilism) CD 6€
- Spectral raw black metal.

Spire (au) "s/t" (Art of Propaganda / Obscure Abhorrence Productions) MCD 6€
- First release of this promising cold and atmospheric black metal omb.

Spire (aus) "Metamoprh" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence / Art of Propaganda) MCD 7€
- New mcd for this australian promising band. Cold and atmospheric black metal.

Stalaggh (hol) "Nihilistik Terror" (/2000 - Autopsy Kitchen Records) CD 10€
- Extreme Dark Noise Black Metal Terror.

Stav (fr) "Meditate to Kill) (Chalice of Blood Angel Productions) Digi CD 11€
- French Black/Death metal.

Stielas Sorhett (ru) "SKD" (De Profundis) MCD 6€
- Russian black metal looks alike Nargaroth.

Stielas Storhett (grc) "V" (/500 - Kunstaunch) Digi CD 11€
- Compilation gathering some old material and one exclusive track. Russian black metal !

Striborg (au) "Embittered Darkness/Isle de Morts" (Displeased Records) CD 10€
- Tracks 1-6 "Embittered Darkness" (2006), tracks 7-16 "Isle de Morts" (demo 1997).
Misanthropic dark black metal.

Striborg (au) "Nefaira / A Tragic Journey Towards the Light" (Displeased Records) CD 9€
- Another compilation of Striborg and its Misanthropic dark black metal.

Striborg / Claustrophobia (aus/chn) "Black Hatred in a Ghostly Corner" (/500 - Finsternis Productions) CD 10€
- Ghostly Depressive Ambient Black Metal with new materials recorded during 2009 from both bands.

Striborg / Veil of Darkness (aus) "Cold Winter Moon / In the Valley of the Shadow of Death" (/500 - Finsternis Productions) CD 10€
- Split with 2 project of Sin-Nanna. Last act from 2010. Reissue for the first time the demo Cold Winter Moon from Striborg. Dark and gosthly black ambient in Aghast veins...

Subconscious Evil (jp) "Subconscious Evil" (/300 - Zero Dimensional Records) MCD 6€
- Japanese black metal insanity. 27 mins.

Svalbard (can) "The Fall" (HSP Productions) CD 9€
- Thrashened black metal.

Svart (swe) "Namnlos och bortglomd " (/1000 - Frostcald Records) MCD 7€
- Suicidal black metal in the veins of Shining.

Svartfell (fr) "Apocryphe Apocalypse" (Hassweg Productions) CD 9€
- Raw satanic black metal from Vermeth's member. third album.

Svartrit (swe) "Svarthetens ridå" (Ancient Records) Digi MCD 7.50€
- compilation of two previous demo. Swedish anticosmic black metal.

Svartthron (lth) "Bearer of the Crimson Flame" (Inferna Profundus Records) CD 7€
- Ambient black metal. Album 2008.

Svartthron (lth) "Kraujo Estetika" (Inferna Profundus Records) CD 7€
- Ambient black metal. Album 2010.

Svartthron (lit) ''Soundtrack To My Solitude'' (ISO666) CD 8€
- Ambient black metal.

Svedhous (skr) "Agaric Plot" (Misanthropic Art Productions) CD 9€
- Psychedelic depressive black metal for fans of Hypothermia, Manierisme and Todestoss.

Syklisk Nedgang (fr) "st" (Those Opposed Records) MCD 6€
- Icons Blasphemer (INKISITOR), Fall (ÖRDÖG) on vocals and Spencer Greening (GYIBAAW) on drums unified for their first release of raw, twisted and satanic black metal.

Sytry (it) "Hunger of Cold Nights" (De Tenebrarum Principio) CD 8€
- Antichristian black metal.

Taakeferd (nor) "Nar Sirkelen Brytes" (Obscure Abhorrence) Digi CD 11€
- Cold finnish black metal.

Teloch (fin) "Morbid Prayer" (Descending Towards Damnation) CD 10€
- Morbid and occult finnish black metal. First full lenght.

Teloch (fin) "Descent-Ascend (Descending Towards Damnation) MCD 7€
- Excellent morbid and occult finnish black metal.

Terrordrown (fr) "Terrorize and Regulate" (/500 - Infernal Kommando) CD 6€
- Martial/Indus-black metal.

The Arrival of Satan (fr) "Passion Sodomy Terror" (Osmose) Digi CD 12€
- New album. Pure necro black metal.

The End 666 (fr) "The Ultra Violence" (DUKE) CD 7€
- 9 tracks Extreme Thrash/Black metal.

The End 666 (fr) "Terror Inside" (DUKE) CD 7€
- 11 tracks of Nuclear Thrash/Black metal. Better than "Ultra Violence", with killer riffes.

Thergüu (ch) "Goat 10.10.10" (Asgard Hass) CD 7€
- Black metal.

The Unhallowed (fr) "Philosophy of a cornered one" (De Profundis) CD 8€
- 1st album composed of 10 tracks of Thrash black metal. Formed by members of Stielas Sorhett and Soli Diaboli Gloria.

Thoth (pol) "Zamglenie" (True Underground Productions) CD 8€
- Polish atmospheric black metal. New 2010 album. Project of Darken (Graveland), Necro (Ohtar/Selbstmord) & Raborym (Dark Fury/Thor's Hammer).

Thor's Hammer (pol) "The Fate worse than Death" (True Underground Productions) CD 8€

Todesstoss (ger) "Beutetrieb Schwarzer Witwen" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) MCD 7€
- German depressive black metal.

Todesstoss (ger) "Stelldichein" (self-released) CD 9€
- Depressive black metal, with his very own feeling in the vocals..

Todestrieb / Hexenwald (ger) "split" (/500 - Hassweg Productions) CD 8€<
- Black metal.

Toil (aus) "Lullabies for Insects" (/1000 - Rusty Axe Records) MCD 6€
- Darkened black metal. Conceptual mcd based on Insects. 3 Tracks + a Cure's cover song.

Total Negation (ger) "A life lead by sorrow and not by myself" (self-released) CD-r 5€
- 1rst demo CD-r. Suicidal and desperated black metal.

Trancelike Void (be) "Destroying Something Beautiful " (ATMF / De Tenebrarum Principio) CD 6€
- Desolate belgium black metal.

Trancelike Void (be) "Where The Trees Can Make It Rain" (Ars Magna Recordings) MCD 5€

Tribe of Neptune (grc) "Gnosis" (/500 - Razorbleed Productions) CD 10€
- Comes with postcard of the cover.

Triebtat (ger) "Der Weg in die Depression" (/500 - War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Depressive black metal.

Trist (cze) "Sebevrazdni Andile" (De Tenebrarum Principio) CD 9€
- 2 long tracks for 42 min of Depressive black metal.

Trollech (cze) "Svatoboj" (Long Ago Records) CD 8€
- Live 2005, 40 min of forest black metal in their own style, with titles taken from all of their full-lenght.

Trollech VS Heiden (cze) "Split" (Naga Productions) Digi 8€
- Trollech plays now their own "forest black metal" but with big heavy influences/Power-heavy with pagan influences for Heiden.

Trou Noir (ru) "Echoes in Black Holes" (/500 - Eerie Torture / Rigorism Productions) CD 12€
- CD version (with the sticker) of the demo tape. Dark atmospheric blackened metal following the path of Xasthur.
Members from Xerbittert with Dunkel (Drakonhail / Sale Freux) on vocals.

Trou Noir (ru) "Trou Noir Vortex" (/450 - Midwinter Productions) CD 10€
- Astral black metal influenced by Xasthur.

Trou Noir (ru) "Nova" (/500 - War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Astral / atmospheric black metal.

Tsjuder (nor) "Kill for Satan" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Satanic norvegian black metal.

Tsjuder (nor) "Demonic Possession" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Satanic norvegian black metal.

Tsathogguath (ru) "Gates Into Pristine Abyss" (/100 ・Eerie Torture) Digi A5 10€
- New form of Xerbittert. First album. Atmospheric black metal for xasthur fans.

Turdus Merula (swe) "Herbarium" (Le Crépuscule du Soir) CD 8€

Ulvhedner (now) "For I Tida" (Frostscald Records) CD 9€
- Norvegian black metal with folk inspiration.

Ugluk (it) "Hveralundr" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Primitive black metal.

Ugulishi (fin) "Dark Illuminations" (Ewiges Eis Records) MCD 7€
- Satanic black metal.

Underdark (ukr) "I am Above All" (/1000 - Wraith Productions) CD 8€
- OMB founded by drummer of Astrofaes, Drudkh...Rawer than them. Not "slavonic music band".

V/A "Mind Control" (Sonic Tyranny Productions) CD 8€
- A total mental rape organized in 4 attacks by Dapnom, Ewe and ZBT !

V/A (int) "To the Triumph of Evil - Tribute to Judas Iscariot" (ISO 666) CD 10€
- A tribute covered by Xasthur, Nachtmysticium, Merrimack, Krieg and more !

V/A "Voices from Valhalla" (Godreadh Records) 2CD 12€
- THE ultimate tribute to Bathory. Featuring mostly unreleased/ Bathory covers recorded exclusively for this double cd. Also includes a 20 minute unreleased audio interview with Quorthon in 1996. Performed by Kodlbrann, Nokturnal Mortum, Skyforger, Munruthel, Gods Tower, Gnaw Their Tongues, Sigh, Meads of Asmodel and over 10 others bands.

Valhom (usa) "Despair" (Ars Magna Recordings) CD 5€

Vanhelga (swe) "Höst" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence) CD 9€
- Swedish black metal with member from Lifelover. For fa of it, Apati...

Vardan (it) "The Night, the Loneliness" (Moribund Records) CD 11€
- Depressive, monotonous misanthropic black metal.

Vardan / Tundra (it) "Split" (War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Monotonous depressive black metal.

Vardan / Burial Mist (it) "The Essence of Cursed Landscapes" (War Against Yourself) CD 9€
- Split between two raw depressive, monotnous black metal project.

Vardan / Kalmankantaja (it) "split 2014" (/450 - War Against Yourself) CD 10€
- Excellent depressive, monotonous dark black metal for Vardan and Black/funeral doom for Kalmankantaja.

Vermeth (fr) "Suicide or be Killed !" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Black Legions metal.

Verge (fin) "Demo I" (/1000 - Christhunt Records) MCD 6€
- Finnish black metal.

Verge (fin) "To Rest The Last Time In Our Filth" (Helvete.ru) MCD 6€
- Finnish black metal. Rerelease of the tape (without the bonus track).

Verge / Charnel Winds (fin) "Two Serpents" (Descending Towards Damnation) MCD 7€
- Great collaborative split for 24 mins of finnish black metal.

Verge (fin) "Sex and Violence" (Descending Towards Damnation) CD 10€
- nearly 1 hour of finnish melancholic and cold raw black metal with some keyboards and noise samples. Excellent New album 2011.

Vesano (bra) "Gritos do Tempo" (/500 - Dunkelheit Produktionen / Bubonic Productions) CD 8€
- Black metal.

Vesen (nor) "Goat Carcass Rising" (Axiis Music) CD 8€
- Black thrash attack.

Vinland Warriors (can) "Final Battle" CD 11€
- Brutal RAC from Vinland !

Vinterriket (ger) "Wege in die Vergangenheit (2002 - 2004)" (/1000 - Nordsturm Prod) CD 8€
- Compilation of tracks taken from some Eps.

Vinterriket (ger) "Gebirgshöhenstille" (Displeased Records) CD 8€
- Dark ambiant.

Vinterriket / A.E.P. (ger/fr) "Split 2007" (/500 - Asphyxiate Recordings) CD 8€
- Dark ambiant.

Virus (nor) "Carheart" (Othal Productions) CD 10€
- Avant garde / post black metal. Hilarous conceptual dogs and cars first album. By VBE / Ulver's member...

Vlad Tepes (fr) "Anthologie Noire" (Drakkar) 2CD 15€
- LLN black metal. Compilation gathering on 2 cds these pure black metal stuffs : The return... Celtic Poetry, Into Frosty Madness, Dans Notre Chute, The Black Legions and rehearsal tracks.

Vlad Tepes (fr) "War Funeral March" (Drakkar) CD 13€
- LLN black metal. 1st time reedited in CD after decades of awaiting. pure black metal gem.

Vlad Tepes (fr) "Morte Lune" (Drakkar) CD 13€
- After decades and unepexted rerelease, finaly it's come back to the grave. Reedition of one of the most evil manifestion of black metal in all kind. LLN in pure way. Morte Lune. No more to say. Masterpiece of darkness.

Voqkrre (fr) "Palans in Pestilence" (Unlight Productions) CD 10€
- After an excellent demo "Malveillance", Voqkrre comes back with an 7 tracks album. The recording is more powerfull this time and has lost its funeral and oppresive side for necro/morbid. An album asking several listening. So recommended !

Vortex of End (fr) "In Satan and Plutonium We Trust" (/500 - Ars Funebris Records) CD 9€
- 1st album. Nuclear Black Thrash Attack !!!

Vortex of End (fr) "Fanatik Spiritual Devotion" (Forgotten Wisdom Productions) MCD 6€
- Nuclear Black Thrash Attack !!!

Vrag (aus) "Species of One" (/1000 - Schattenkult Produktionen) CD 8€
- Thrashened Alcoholic Black Metal !

Wacht / Dunkelheit (ger/hun) "Split" (BergStolz) CD 9€
- Black metal.

Warfield (mex) "Conquering the Black Horde" (Calamity Productions) DVD case 8€
- Antichristian black metal. First album edition alternative artwork and a cover of "the trooper".

Warfield (mex) "Trivuvirat" (Chaos Records) MCD 5€
- New mcd. New materials + rehearsal tracks.

Warwulf (usa) "The Archetype of Destruction" (Darker Than Black) CD 10€
- New and first album of this band clearly influenced by Kristallnacht. For all fans of concilium.

Watain (swe) "Rabid Deaths Curse" (Drakkar) CD 10€
- Swedish black metal. Rerelease 2004 with one bonus track.

Wedard / Nycths (ger/ch) "Zwischen Leere Und Nichts" (Sun and Moon Records) CD 8€

Weisshorn (ch) "Au-dela du soleil invaincu" (Asgard Hass) MCD 5€
- NSBM. 3 tracks + one Seigneur Voland's cover.

When Mine Eyes Blacken (mex) "When Mine Eyes Blacken" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) CD 6€
- Depressive and monotonous black metal.

White Medal / Caïna (uk) "split" (Legion Blotan) CD 10€
- Heathen black metal.

White Medal (uk) "Guthmers Hahl" (Legion Blotan) CD 10€
- Heathen black metal.

Windbruch (ru) "Collision of the Worlds" (Sun & Moon Records) CD 7€

Woods of Desolation (aus) "The Darkest Days" (Obscure Abhorrence) Digisleeve 2CD 12€
- Compilation gathering the debut of this australian black metal band. Raw recording.

Woods of Infinity (swe) "Förintelse & Libido" (Those Opposed Records) Digi CD 11€
- Debut album of this cult insane swedish black metal band now officialy rereleased.

Woods of Infinity (swe) "Forlat" (Obscure Abhorrence) CD 10€
- New brillant WoI's Sin. Absolutely recommended.

Wschód (pol) "O Dumie, Sile i Ogniu" (True Underground Productions) CD 7€
- Imperial ns/war black metal. Recommended for fan of Totenburg/Venedae.

Wulfgar (ger) "Ewigkeit Des Ubels" (Margin Art Records) CD 8€
- German misanthropic/pagan black metal.

Wyrd (fin) "Wrath and Revenge" (Solistitium Records) CD 10€
- Reissue of former demos. Crude heathen black metal.

Xasthur (usa) "The Funeral of Being" (Blood Fire Death) CD 10€
- Suicidal and Oppressive mental attack.

Xerion (sp) "Nocturnal Misanthropia" (Schwarzdorn Productions) CD 8€
- Black metal with few folk influence.

Yaotl Mictlan (mex) "Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac" (Candlelight Records) CD 9€
- Black metal from Mexico.

Zakaz (isl) "Myrkur og Daudi" (/500 - Schattenkult Produktionen) CD 9€
- Dommed black metal. Great debut.

Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh (fr) "Eternal Darkness" (At War With False Noise) CD 7€
- Contains the 3 demos : Primitive Era, "Apocalypse and El Borak.

Zarach 'Baal' Tharagh / Gmork (fr/ru) "The Smell of Hell" (Firstborn Chaos Prod) CD-r 5€
- Split 2009.

Zargof (br) "Departure for the Cosmic Twilight" (Ars Magna Recordings) MCD 5€

Zwartplaag (hol) "Haatstorm" (/1000 - Thor's Hammer Productions / Heidens Hart) CD 8€
- After some demos material, Zwartplaag deserves us a fucking old school and hateful black metal album. Including some old track rerecorded and arranged.

Zwenz (ger) "A Life's Work of Natrgaard II" (Ewiges Eis Records) CD 7€
- german black metal with good black ambiances and vocals, include a Burzum cover.