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Dernier Bastion doesn't search any bands for this year for CD/LP releases but is currently searching some unknown (french) bands for some demos on tape !
I'm bored to release only CD this time... Keep the Underground alive !
So if you play your own (heavy/funeral/punk/thrash/necro/old school...) black metal with real feeling you can send your promo package at the following address (See Contact).
Never try to send mp3 files or any links, they'll be deleted. Only real material.
Well you could try, but I'll ignore your demand as you ignore my recommendation...

Bands : NS, ridiKul(t)ous sataniK, epic funderground, ambient, death and for a lot of bands for who the Black Art is just Music... Click on the red cross and don't try to come back here...
Labels & Zines

Trades are the soil of Underground, so don't hesitate to ask to do a trade, but don't be stupid and keep for you all death, sympho, grind and other shit like that.
No wholesale, Only Trades !
In add to DB's propaganda around 200 stuffs from the stock are available to trade.
Just ask if you want something in distro.
Obviously it's not because you ask to do a trade that I'll always accept...
You've asked ? So you send first and in registered letter.

(Web)Zines don't ask to get promo material for your media. I don't care.