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DB023 "Autarcie - Retour en Crasse" (/200) CD 4€
- "Retour en Crasse" new album of this french regionalist band. In these times of desolation, doubt, uncomprehension and turmoil AUTARCIE cames back with its fully-covered shitty boots in our dumb cities. Eight more vindictive tracks
.Aslo available on CD, with alternative cover art and later in 2016 on LP.

DB021 "Krasseville - Nous sommes faux" (/200) 4€
- Achtung, Beware, Attenzione ! UFO here ! Lovel'Insane Dep Rap'n'Rolla. Grindhouse OST ! Awesome first demo for this atypic french band. Follow them on FB with Krasseville tag.

DB018 "Autarcie - Epoque Révolue" (/200) 4€
- After the excellent album released through La Mesnie Herlequin, Autarcie comes back under Dernier Bastion for their most historically charged full lenght. A 5 tracks album recorded and mixed without any artifice or profesionnal help. Pure french black metal. 50 min + 2 bonus tracks (a raw version of one track's album and a cover.) only on cassette. Also available on CD with alternative artwork.