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Abigail (jp) "Possession Demoniaca" (/1000 - Force Records) 3€
- Side A : Live in Tokyo 98'. Side B : reh' 2004. Still fucking trash black metal.

Aboriorth (sp) "Far away from Hateful Mankind Plague" (/166 - Nigra Mors) 2.50€
- Black metal with sad ambiences, tape version of the first album with a different cover and a Panzerfrost cover's on bonus track.

Abyssus (usa) "Death" (/100 - Racheschwur Records) 2€
- First tape reedit of this demo 4 tracks. 14 min of black metal.

Acherontas (grc) "Tat Tvamasi" (/300 - Night Birds) 4€
- First full lenght (2007). Occult and mystic Dark black metal. Cassette reissue.

Ad Noctem Funeriis (it) "...Of Evil and Torment" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 2.50€
- 1st full lenght. Italian black metal. Artwork on Gold Paper.

Aezh Morvarc'h (fr) "Mare Humorum" (/70 - Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) 4€
- Pagan black metal from brittany.

Afflictis Lentae (fr) "Chaos Fire Hate" (Maltkross) 2.50€
- Compilation tape of their first demo and the tracks from the split with The Austrasian Goat.

Ahpdegma (jp) "Despite all your pain" (Ordo A.A.A.A.) 2.50€
- Promo tape for including one song for the upcoming album of this new projekt from members from Akha Sva. 3 minutes of total chaos, madness in the pure veins of Belketre, LLN? AS !

Akitsa / Thesyre (can) "Contre courant" (Those Opposed Records) 3€
- Antiurban black metal. Rerelease of the 7'EP.

Algor (slk) "Uder Pohanskeho Hnevu / The Strike Of Pagan Wrath" (Stuza) 3€
- Misanthropic yet epic black metal.

Altoriu Seseliai (lit) "Ir Nusinese Saule Miskai" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 3€
- Poetic and Melancholic Black Metal, with great Blues parts.

Andramelech (mex) "Destroyers of Cosmic Order" (/333 - Croquemort Productions) 3€
- Black metal, Looks like Drowning the Light...

Angrepp (swe) "Prepare For The Attack" (Maltkross/ Sound of Charge/ Gorification Musix) 2€
- Thrash/black metal with good parts, death vocals.

Animus Herilis (fr) "Demain sera le Chaos" (self released) 3€
- Second rerelease.

Antechristus (fr) "Waste The Flesh As Reluctance Grows" (DUKE) 3€
- reedit of the self-released cd-r 2004. black metal include a Von's cover.

Apati (ger) "Eufori" (Night Birds Records) 4€
- Official rerelease of Eurofi album. Depressive Black Rock.

Apolion (it) "Hungry Of Souls" (/333 - Bylec-Tum) 3€
- Second demo.

Apolion (it) "Death Grows into Sperm" (/333 - Bylec-Tum) 3€
- First full-lenght.

Arch Toll (uk) "Poisoner" (/100 - Legion Blotan Records) MC 3€
- Primitive black/death metal.

Arghoslent (usa) "Hornets of the Pogrom" (Drakkar Productions) 4€
- Rhaaa ! Fucking death metal hymn ! Last full lenght and probably the best death metal release that I ever heard. Absolutely recommended.

Arntor (fr) "Dans la nuit et le froid" (/400 - D.U.K.E.) 3€
- Epic and icy black metal.

Aryan Triumph (slv) "Aryan Triumph" (/500 - Werewolf Promotion/AMF Productions) 3€
- Compilation of all ever recorded stuff.

Aryanas (can) "Volkskrieg" (/300 - Sword Productions) 2.50€
- Kanadian blacK metal attacK. 2nd demo.

Ashtoreth Incesti (be) "Hypnagogic Hallucinations" (/300 - Sword Productions) 2€
- Black metal with few melancholic/melodic parts. Demo 4 tracks.

Asthénie (fr) "Oraison Funèbre par le Sang et la Maladie" (/100 - Ogmios Underground) 3€
- 1 track of fucking traditional black metal in the veins of Satanic Warmaster and so on...
Realy better than the first demo !

Asthénie (fr) "de la prière au charnier" (/50 - Ogmios Underground) 3€
- Raw primitive black metal. 3 tracks for 12min of rehearsal/live.

Astrofaes (ukr) "The Attraction: Heavens and Earth" (/500 - Stuza) 4€
- 1997 album : Symphonic black metal.

Astrofaes (ukr) "The Eyes of the Beast" (Ancient Nation) 5€
- Raw but symphonic black metal.

Astrofaes (ukr) "Heritage" (Ancient Nation) 5€
- Raw but symphonic black metal.

Astrofaes (ukr) "Those Whose Past is Immortal" (/500 - Stuza) 4€
- Raw symphonic black metal.

Astrofaes (ukr) "Idea. Form. Essence..." (/500 - Stuza) 4€
- Raw symphonic black metal.

Atomizer (aus) "The war that never ended" (Maltkross) 2.50€
- Old School Black/Thrash Metal. 12 songs, 45 minutes.

Atomtrakt (ger) "Verwüstung" (/500 - Bloodhead Productions) 4€
- Side project from CZ (Vinterriket). Industrial dark ambient. Rereleases of the 1st demo.

Aufkrema (can) "Rehearsals 2002-2003" (Tour de Garde) 2€
- 2 reh' for 45 min of pure canadian black metal. By member of The Syre.

Aurore Funeste (fr) "Infame abjection humaine" (/100 - I.E.x.M.N) 2€
- A rawer Peurs Ancestrales.

Austere / Lyrinx (aus/eng) "Only the Wind Remembers / Ending the Circle of Life" (/500 - Choirs of Delusion) 3€
- Australian Desolate BM VS English Nihilistic depressive BM.

Aymrev Erkroz Prevre (fr) "Noir voyage obstrué de rencontres difformes" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 3€
- 2 long tracks for 1h of dark ambiant music.

Baal Zebuth (ru) "Unholy Baal Zebuth" (/250 - Wolfram Productions) 3€
- Good demo from this russian band, misanthropic black metal with keys for the atmosphere. Included 1 bonus track.

Baal Zebuth (ru) We are Sathanas (/333 - Wolfram Productions) 3€
- Second opus from South-Russia Blasphemers. Rawer than "Unholy Baal Zebuth".

Babylon Mystery Orchestra (usa) "Axis of Evil" (Gorification Music" 2€
- Epic'n'roll against islam and red...

Bahrrecht (fr) "Lotharingen" (Night Bird Records) 4€
- Old school black metal.

Balmog (sp) "The Discipline & Poetry of Pest" (/300 - War Productions) 2.50€
- Black metal.

Baratheon (aus) "Infectious Spores Of A Thousand Years" (/200 - Adverse Order Music) 4€
- Rehearsal materials. Black metal.

Besatt (pol) "Black Mass" (Hammer of Damnation) 3€
- Antichristian black metal. 2006 album including Bathory cover.

Bestial Summoning / Heretic (nl) "Splitting Skulls for Satan" (Supremacy Through Intolerance) 3€
- Primitive black metal mixing Von/Vucub Came VS Old School Heavy Black Metal ! Killer Split !

Bestialized (clb) "Annihilating the Juedeo-Christian Generation" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 2€
- Brutal, speed and technical colombian Black Death metal.

Bilskirnir / Hunok (ger/hung) "Allied By Heathen Blood" (/1000 - Hammer of Damnation) 2.50€
- Hunok begins this split with one track seeming to Akitsa.
Bilskirnir comes with 1 instrumental + 1 "pagan black metal" track.

Black Altar (pol) "Death Fanaticism" (/666 - Propaganda) 3€
- Good performed "horror" black metal. Rerelease 2009.

Black Autumn (ger) "Cvlt of Nihil" (Insikt) 4€
- Blackened Doom/Death metal. Rerelease 2007 with alternative artwork.

Black Circle (swe) "Behold my Visions and Wisdom" (Night Bbirds Records) 4€
- Rerelease 2010. Black metal. 1st full lenght.

Black Circle (swe) "The Distand Wind..." (Night Birds Records) 4€
- Rerelease 2010. Black Metal. Second full-lenght.

Black Mass Pervertor (fin) "Church of Apocalyptic Hyperbole" (Maltkross / Gorification) 2€
- 14 tracks of finnish Black'n'Punk.

Black Virgin "Tribute to cult of the virgin" (Maltkross Productions) 2€
- Poor heavy rock.

Blood of Kingu (ukr) "De Occulta Phislosophia" (/500 - Werewolf Promotion) 4€
- Hateful black metal by founder of Hate Forest...

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Demo I" (/300 - Drakkar) 4€
- Excellent Raw Black Metal from this finnish OMB with scorched vocals ! Very recommended !
Rerelease by Drakkar Productions.

Blood Stained Dusk (usa) "Continuance of Evil" (/666 - Propaganda) 3€
- Satanic black metal.

Bloodoffer (usa) "Antichristian war hate" (Self Released) 2€
- Satanic USBM.

Bloodrain (ru) "10 Bestial Years" (/525 - Osolon Records) 4€
- Ten tracks of the Beast of Russian Black Thrash metal over 10 years !!!

Caed Dhu (pol) "W Mroku Gwiazd... / In the Dark of Stars..." (TRIUMF Productions) 3€
- Great polish black metal in the veins of Odal, Totenburg, Satanic Warmaster...

Caïna (uk) "The King Beneath" (/413 - Drakkar) 3€
- Post black metal.

Caïna (uk) "The cold taste of perdition" (/409 - Drakkar) 3€
- Post black metal.

Camos (br) "Baal Zebuth, Baal Beth Zebuth" (Arcano Musica) 3€
- Debut of this bresilian antichristian black metal band.

Carcharoth (sp) "My Father was a Wolf" (Battle Hymn Records) 3€
- A spanish version of Nargaroth from the old period. Demo 3 (long) tracks.

Carn Dum (fr) "Ni" (/98 - Mala Famae) 4€
- Demo IV, 2011. A continuity of Misagorique. Filthy, crude and possessed. Total whorship.

Cavaticus (fr) "Amentia + live" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 3€
- Rerelease of the sold out cd-r "Amentia" with on bonus "Deamonium Inattaminatis" (live 2003).

Celestia (fr) "Delhÿs-cätess " (/500 - Drakkar Productions) 3€
- Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Last demo, morbider than previous releases.

Celestia (fr) "Frigidiis Apotheosia" (Drakkar Productions) 4€
- Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Excellent last full lenght with Malefic from Xasthur on synth. Morbider than ever. This album is the final conception of "Delhÿs-cätess ", tracks are taken from but rearranged and rerecorded. And obviously several news tracks.

Charnel Valley (usa) "The Igneous Race" (Paragon Records) 3€
- MC version. Black metal.

Cocaine Cowboys (ita) "Metal War!" (Maltkross) 2€
- Heavy/thrash metal.

Cold Northern Vengeance (usa) "Curse" (/333 - Bylec-Tum Productions) 3€
- Beast of containing old and rare recordings.

Corpus Christii (por) "The Fire God" (/666 - Propaganda) 4€
- Satanic misanthropic black metal.

Corpus Christii (por) "Tormented Belief" (Total Holocaust Records) 4€
- Satanic misanthropic black metal.

Corpus Christii (por) "The Torment Continues" (/666 - Propaganda) 3€
- Satanic misanthropic black metal. Album 2005.

Corpus Christii (por) "Rising" (/666 - Propaganda) 3€
- 13 tracks of black metal like the swedish scene is able to do.

Cripta Occulta (por) "Sangue do Novo Amanhecer" (/300 - Sabbath's Fire Records) 4€
- Misanthropic, satanic and melancolic black metal, in the pure Drowning the Light's tradition.

Cripta Occulta (por) "Ecos Dos Dolimens Esquecidos" (/500 - Sabbath's Fire Records / Titan Woods) 4€
- Misanthropic, satanic and melancolic black metal, in the pure Drowning the Light's tradition.

Cryfemal (sp) "Perpetua Funebre Gloria" (/333 - Bylec-Tum Productions) 3€
- Nihilistic and hateful black metal.

Crystalline Darkness (por) "Melancólica Nostalgia" (/500 - Antihumanism / Herege Warfare Productions) 3€
- Ambient/nostalgic black metal.

Cursed 13 (swe) "I love Cyanide" (/300 - Winterreich Productions) 3€
- Cyber/Indus BM.

Cultus (nl) "Promo 2007" (Heidens Art) 2€
- Heathenic black metal.