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D.O.R. (por) "Blessed By Unholy Murder" (/100 - SilverWolf Records) 3€
- Portuguese black metal. Third demo.

Dadarioth (fr) "Crasse et Putréfaction" (War Flagellation Productions) 3€
- Black metal. Compilation of tracks taken from 3 demos.

Dark Ages (ukr) "A Chronicle of the Plague" (/500 - Werewolf Promotion) 3€
- Dark medieval ambient created by Hate Forest/Drudkh/Blood of Kingu member. Second album.

Dark Fury (pol) "Fortress of Eagles" (Werewolf Promotions) 3€
- MC version of this 2008 album.

Dark Fury (pol) "The Price of Treason" (Werewolf Promotions) 3€
- MC version of this 2009 album.

Dark Paranoïa / Obsura Monotonia Animae (it) "Split 2011" (/300 - Sabbath's Fire Records) 2€
- 4 tracks of depressive black metal in the Xasthur's vein + a Nortt cover / 3 tracks of melancholic and dark instrumental suicidal ambient black metal.

Dark Tower (usa) "Blood Eagle Ritual" (Winter Solace) 3€
- Black metal.

Darkenhöld (fr) "Castellum" (/150 - Les Acteurs de l'Ombre) 5€
- Melodic french black metal inspired by medieval times.

Dapnom (fr) "Ert Bvrueazvo" (/199 - self-released) 4€
- 1 long track (22"). Putrid dark noise with a demential artwork.

Dapnom (fr) ""…Unio Mystica" (/200 - Ars Funebris Records) 4€
- Dark Ambiant.

Dapnom / Nommam Erytz / Taog Susej / Beyond The Asylum (fr/usa/uk) "Split 2007" (Divinus Solitudo Productions) 4€
- Dark Ambiant 4 way split.

Dead (mex) "Hanging Illusions" (/500 - Self Mutilation Services) 4€
- Mexican band features different "guest" like All The Cold... Depressive doom and minimalist ambiant. A travel in the Abyss...

Dead as Dream / Aurvandil (usa/fr) "Adrift" (/333 - Tour de Garde) 2€
- blast metal, split 2009.

Dead Christ Cult (ukr) "When It Begins to Remain" (Osolon Records) 3€
- black thrash metal.

Dead Christ Cult (ukr) "Christdeath" (Osolon Records) 3€
- black thrash metal.

Dead Christ Cult (ukr) "Stigma" (/400 - The Kether Crown Prod / Wolfram Prod) 3€
- Black thrash metal, rerelease.

Dead Inside (bel) "Dead Inside" (/200 - Occult Sadism) 3€
- Morbid Black' n' Roll Metal. With member of Paragon Impure / Lugubrum.

Deathmoon (ru) "Daemoonhermeticum" (Misanthropic Propaganda) 3€
- Intro + 2 misanthropic black metal tracks with member of Ithdabquth Qliphoth.

Death Ritual (ch) "Death Ritual" (/501 - Diabolous Productions) 2€
- Black metal, demo 3 tracks.

Deathrow / Moloch (it/ukr) "Echoes in Eternity" (/100 - Tour de Garde) 2€
- Dark Ambiant.

Demon Realm (den) "...Of Chaos Damnation and War" (/500 - Drakkar) 3€
- Raw and hainous black metal.

Depressive Years (usa) "Failing to Confront Suicidal Toughts" (/150 - Self Mutilation Services) 2.50€
- Depressive black metal influenced by Hypothermia, Lifelover and Silencer.

Der Stürmer / Totenburg "Si vic pacem para belum" (Breath of Pestilence) 4€
- Brutal NS Black Metal of Hellenic Der Sturmer and German nationalistic Black Metal of Totenburg strikes against the modern world! Official tapeversion.

Desaster (ger) "666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate" (/300 - Nigthbirds Records) 4€
- Cult death'black'thrash german band and killer album !

Devathorn (grc) "Diadema" (/333 - Goat Music Records) 2€

Devilish Era / Zaghurim (fr) "Prolegomena to the Theory of Wrath" (DUKE) 3€
- Tape edit from the split released ond CD-r via Foedus Aeternus. Devilish Era is more industrial & synthetic than on the latest releases. Pervers/insane for Zaghurim.

Devilish Era (fr) "Under the aegis of the megathropist" (DUKE) 3€
- Desesperate black metal with hysteric and harsh vocals. First release on cd-r by Foedus Aeternus, sold out now.

Devilish Era (fr) "The Deiphobic Syndrome" (/300 - Winterreich Records) 3€
- reedit 2007 of the album originaly released through Forgotten Wisdom.

Diableriktus / Havarax (fr) "split" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 3€
- 6 tracks of perverted dark black / 4 tracks of tortured and insane black metal.

Dommedagssalme (uk) "Terra" (/300 Legion Blotan Records) 2€
- Desperate black metal for fan of Toil, Xasthur, Wedard...

Drakonhail (fr) "Vieille Fôret" (D.U.K.E.) 3€
- Doom, cold and ambient black metal.

Drauggard / Criptum (ru/it) "Nidgedichte" (/150 - Undead Propaganda) 2€
- Raw underground black thrash metal. 2nd edition.

Draugluin (grc) ''Wyrm Of Utumno'' (/150 - Underground Propaganda) 2€
- First demo rerelease on tape in 2007. Black metal with few touches of keyboard and an shitty drum and recording.

Drowning the Light (aus) "Flames of Sacrifice" (/188 - Winterreich Records) MC 6.66€
- Satanicomelancholic black hateful metal.

Dyster (fr) "Fallen Suicided and Forgotten" (Drakkar Productions) 4€
- Black metal with deppresive touch. 5 tracks, 60 min. Harsh sound.

Eihwaz / Searing Skull (fr) "United by the Runes" (/500 - Korosiv) 3€
- Pagan black metal with RAC vocals/Great pagan thrash black metal.

Eindig (nl) "Doodschrift" (/500 - Dunkelheit Produktionen/ Self Mutilation Services) 3€
- Depressive black metal. Official rerelease.

Empty (sp) "Eternal Cycle of Decay" (/529 - Drakkar) 3€
- Black metal with doom parts, here between Therion, Forgotten Tomb and Penumbra. Ltd 529

Empty (sp) "A Source of Hollow Essence" (/501 - Drakkar) 3€
- Black metal with some pagan and melancholic parts. Ltd 501.

Empty (sp) "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair" (Drakkar) 3€
- Darker than ever Empty coming back with a raw misanthropic black metal. Melancolia and brutality...

Enodre (fr) "Eternal Winter" (/200 - Ars Funebris Records) 3€
- First demo 2008. Ambiant/BM.

Eole Noir (bel) "Eole Noir" (Heidens Hart) 3.50€
- Tape version of this new release. 2 tracks.

Epidemia Mortaliis (fr) "When the Epidemic Arrived" (/200 - Ars Funebris Records) 3€
- Black metal. Ltd 200.

Epitimia (ru) "Demo MMVIII" (150 - Self Mutilation Services) 3€
- 1st demo (4 tracks), Lyric and nostalgic black metal.

Erhabenheit / Vinterkrig (ger/ru) "split 2008" (Osolon) 2€
- German depressive black metal VS russian primitive raw black metal (rehearsal).

Eterna Penumbra (sp) "Odio Antihumano" (/300 - Eggs of Nihilism) 3€
- Nihilistic and extreme black metal.

Eternal Majesty (fr) "Unholy Chant of Darkness" (/500 - Hopeless Mankind) 3€
- Satanic French Plague. Single part of the split with Temple of Baal.

Ettenmoor (fin) "Winter of Supremacy" (/200 - Thor's Hammer Productions) 3€
- Black metal, demo 2009, 4 tracks.

Ettenmoor / Agazgul (fin) "Finnish's Hammers Underground Black Metal" (/150 - Thor's Hammer Productions) 3€
- 4 tracks of dark black metal with a few melancholie ambiances.

Evil (br) "Arktogäa" (/500 - Hammer Of Damnation) 3€
- Raw brasilian black metal.

Evil (br) "Raw Coldness" (Hammer Of Damnation) 3€
- New and experimental fragments of weird madness recorded during rehearsal sessions in 2007. True Black metal.

Evil / Lechia (br/pol) "Warriors of Pagan Victory" (Old Pride Records) 3€
- 1 inedit track + 1 old track for both band.

Evil / Satanic Warmaster (br/fin) "Southern / Carelian - Black Metal Holocaust" (Hammer of Damnation) 3€
- Originaly on 7'Ep released now on tape. 1 track per band. In the vein of evil. Typical old Satanic Warmaster's way.

Evilwinged (ru) "Crush the Human Factor" (self-released) 3€
- Demo 2002, misanthropic black metal.

Evilwinged (ru) "Avatars Of Satan" (Osolon Records) 3€
- Album 2006, misanthropic black metal in the russian way. Better than the 1st demo.

Evynkar (fr) "Blaspheme Your Cult" (/369 - Angels Are Whores Of Satan) 3€
- Black metal, reissue of their self-released demo.

Ewe (fr) "La voix des morts" (/300 - Mistress Dance Records) 2€
- 7 ambient tracks by Luc Mertz's Daughter.

Excessum (swe) "Death Redemption" (Deathstrike Records) 3€
- Swedish black metal with new Marduk's drummer. Last album before the band's split.

Excruciate 666 / Sovereign "split" (/500 - Angels are Whore of Satan) 3€
- War black metal split tape. Side B : Ex "Animus Herilis".

Exetheris (grc) "Sick and Decadent Feelings" (/300 - War Flagellations Productions) 3€
- Sick and raw black metal.

Faarthkrag (bel) "The station, the passenger and the vast chasm" (/150 - Occult Sadism) 4€
- Black dark metal. 1st demo 3 tracks. Fr fan of Xasthur, Arvet, Cendres...

Faethon (grc) "Pagan Revival" (/300 - Sword Productions) 2€
- Pagan and raw black metal with an Absurd cover. By Draugluin members.

Fallen Arkane (fr) "Beyond The Altar" (Maltkross Productions) 2€
- Fuck... One of a most shitty Joke Metal I have never listened before !
Boring riffes, Hilarous screaming, pathethic cover of Beherit... A masterpiece of shit !

Fel (eng) "Orynde De Yne Blaeke Kyninge" (Cocainocopia) 3€
- Primitive and hateful raw black metal in Les Légion Noires vein.

Feu Gregeois (fr) "Guerres Franques" (Drakkar Productions) 2€
- Black metal with a very low sound.

Firth of Damnation (usa) "Crossing the Unhallowed Path" (/100 - War Flagellation Productions) 2.50€
- Antichristian symphonic black metal.

Fissür (fr) "Echoes from primitive eons" (/234 - DUKE) 3€
- Lovecraft darkened raw black metal.

Fissür (fr) "DiktaChtulu" (/234 - D.U.K.E.) 3€
- Lovecraft darkened raw black metal. Better than the first ! A mix of french and finnish riffing.

Fjallstorm (fr) "Reise" (/500 - Korosiv Productions) MC 3€
- Pagan black metal.

Flageladör (br) "A Noite do Ceifador" (/500 - Herege Warfare Productions) 3€
- Goöd speed'n'thrash metal !

Fourth Monarchy (it) "Porta Magica" (War Flagellation Records) 4€
- Best of 2007 gathering the 1st demo and the first album. Esoteric and symphonic bm.

Forau Obscura (swe) "Journeys II" (/100 - Sombre March Records) 2.50€
- 40 min of dark/black ambiant, Recorded in '96 and remastered in 2007.

Forgot (ru) "Burning Down" (Osolon Records) 4€
- Great misanthropic black metal. More melodic than their others releases.

Forgot (ru) "Sic Luceat Lux" (Osolon Records) 4€
- Great misanthropic black metal. In the vein of Burning Down.

Fornication (can) "Sewer Dwellers" (/250 - Infernal Kommando / Sabbath's Fire) 3€
- Canadian Old School Insane Black Thrash !!! The "Sewer Dwellers" EP + the "Hell Metal" Demo on the same Tape...

Frost (can) "Purifier par le feu" (/300 - Winter Solace Productions) MC 3€
- Black metal.

Frozen Scars (trq) "Ancient Slaves" (/250 - Infernal Kommando) 2€
- Black with drone touch, first full-lenght. Rerelease on tape by Infernal Kommando, originally by Funeral Moonlight.

Fuck off and Die ! (lit) "Anti All" (/400 - Heavy Penetration Productions) 2.50€
- Fucking Antichristian Black Punkish Alkoholik Blasphemy !!!

Fuck off and Die ! (lit) "The pulse of [self]destruction" (Maltkross) 3€
- Fucking Antichristian Black Punkish Alkoholik Blasphemy !!! Compilation gathering the 2 (and only for the moment) act of this project.

Fullmoon Dweller (mex) "The Wandering Ghoul" (/300 - Self Mutilation Services) 3€
- 3 tracks for a total playing time of 1 hour. Composed of several sad pianos parts (like Chopin) and depressif bm in the veins of Wedard.

Funeral Forest (fr) "Barbarian supremacy" (/500 - Blood & Soil Productions) 4€
- The first demo 2005. Funeral black metal with few pagan/folk elements. Founded by Cadavre from Grimlair and Mannaz.