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Aigro Mucifelam (fr) "Lost Sounds Depraved" (Insidious Poisoning Records) LP 10€
Harsh, relentless Black Metal.

Ancestors Blood (fin) "A Moment of Clarity" (/300 - Heidens Hart Records) LP 13.50€
- Heathenic finnish epic black metal.

Arkha Sva (jp) "Satanas, Exaudi Orationem" (/289 - Devoted Art Propaganda) LP 16€
- For all that missed the 49 ltd live lp released before here's the opportunity to get it in a best quality cover and recording. Hatred and Satanic Black metal path.

Armagedda (swe) "Only true believers" (Drakkar) LP 13€€
- Swedish black metal.

Austere (aus) "To Lay Like Old Ashes" (Eisenwald Tonschmiede) LP 14€
- LP version wit

Autarcie (fr) "Groupuscule" (/300 - Dernier Bastion) LP 12€
- Yes, once again Herr Nokturn and his comrade Anti are back again for this 4th piece of melancholic, antiubrban regionalist black metal.
This album is more personal and complex than ever. It loses the poor punked garage record from the previous and comes on LP 3mm spin cover, including a printed innersleeves and ltd 300.
No MC / CD are planned now or later here or there. Only LP.

Autarcie (fr) "Retour en Crasse" (/500 - Dernier Bastion / Purity Trhough Fire / Deviant Records) LP 15€
- "Retour en Crasse" new album of this french regionalist band. In these times of desolation, doubt, uncomprehension and turmoil AUTARCIE cames back with its fully-covered shitty boots in our dumb cities. Eight more vindictive tracks, loans revolt and resentment. Also available on MC and CD. PRE ORDER. Release date : 20.03.2016 !

Aytnachr (fin) "Hateful Black Being" (/150 - Final Agony Records) LP 14€
- Desesperate finnish black metal.

Azaghal (fin) "Of Beasts and Vultyres" (/500 - Cryptia Productions) LP 10€
- Finnish melodic black metal. Comes with water damaged insert.

Beatrik (ger) "Requiem of December" (/500 - Eternity Records) GLP 14€
- Italian blackish depressive doom metal.h 8 pages booklet.

Blackdeath (ru) "Katharsis: Kalte Lieder aus der Hölle" (/500 - Hospital Productions) LP 13€
- Vinyl edition of the latest full length from Russia's unique and enigmatic BLACKDEATH. Includes alternate cover art and bonus track of the band covering SUMMONING's (WTF ?!) "Der Flug der Nazgul".

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Blood Red Fog" (Grievantee) DGLP 17€
- One of the best album of the year. Amazing nekro black metal with excellent scorched vocals !
Vinyl version comes with 2 bonus tracks ! A must have...

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Death Cult" (/100 - Deviant Records) LP 13€
- Reedition of the 2 latest demos of the band now available on LP and on the same title... Finnish black metal.

Celestia (fr) "Dead Insecta Sequestration" (/500 - Apparitia Recordings) LP 13€
- Aristocratic ethereal black metal. Remastered album, reedit on splatter white/black/gold LP.
Comes in printed innersleeve and A2 poster. Higly recommended !

Celestia (fr) "Frigidiis Apotheosia - Abstinencia Genesiia" (Apparitia Recordings) DGLP 16€
- Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal. Excellent last full lenght with Malefic from Xasthur on synth.
Morbider than ever. Include all lyrics and comes with another artwork.

Celestia (fr) "Retrospectra" (Apparitia Recordings) DGLP 16€
- A "best of" with old tracks to put an ending to the old era of Celestia.

Celestia (fr) "Archanae Perfectii - L'Arche Arcane des Parfaits" (/500 - Apparitia Recordings) LP 14€
- New Aristocratic Ethereal Black Metal offering. 33 mins.
Black vinyl Limited to 250 & includes 12 page A5 booklet

Charnel Winds (fin) "Der Teufelsbund" (/350 - Final Agony Records) LP 15€
- First album for this black metal band from Finland. Members of Cosmic Church, Blood Red Fog & Azazel. Higly recommended for fan of luciferian dark black metal.

Circle of Ouroborus (fin) "Unituli" (Hospital Productions) LP 12€
- Occult black metal from finland. Very limited pressing. Comes in foldover cover...

Cryfemal (sp) "D6s6nti6rro" (/300 - Osmose Productions) LP 14€
- New album, necro black metal.

Darvulia (fr) "L'Alliance des Venins" (/500 - Battlesk'rs) LP 15€
- Now available on LP with one old unreleased bonus track (from demo's era !). Dissonant necro black metal. Including a poster.

Desolation Triumphalis (fr) "Forever Bound to Nothingness" (Obscure Aboherrence) LP 13€
- Melancholic black metal with violin. Featuring members from the Concilium.

Drowning the Light (aus) "A Pact with Madness" (1000 - Obscure Abhorrence) GLP 13€

Drowning the Light (aus) "An Alignment of a Dead Star" (Obscure Abhorrence) DGLP 16€
- 1h30 of desperate, melancholic, satanic australian black metal.

Drowing the Light (aus) "Sacrifice for the Darkness" (Obscure Abhorrence) GLP 14€
- Compilation of tracks written & recorded in the same sessions in 2008 and used on various splits or unreleased. Epic, melancholic & haunting nBlack Metal!

Dodsferd (grc) "Fucking your Creation" (/500 - Moribund Records) Pict LP 13€
- Misanthropic black metal.

Flamen (it) "Supremo Die" (/300 - Hassweg Productions) LP 10€
- Pagan black metal in the vein of Graveland, Werewolf and Aryan Art.

Forgotten Darkness (ger) "Nekrolog" (/400 - Art of Propaganda) GLP 10€
- 29 min of Nekro black metal unleashed now on LP.

Forgotten Tomb (fr) "Negative Megalomania" (Obscure Abhorrence) GLP 15€
- Suicide/depressive french black metal.

Freitod (ch) "Blasmphemous Chains of Glorification" (/300 - Bergstolz) Pict LP 13€
- Swiss Holocaust misanthropic black metal.

Gamma Ray (ger) "Heading for Tomorrow" (Noise Records) LP 9€
- 1990 album.

Godkiller (fr) "Burn the White Kingdom" (Burznazg Productions) LP 13.50€
- Compilation gathering the 2 first demo. Melodic and catchy black metal. However it seems that it's not an official/approved reissue. Same for the CD version...

Grail (ger) "The Morning of Disillumisionment" (/133 - Sol Records) LP 13€
- German black metal.

Gratzug (ger) "Pestabtei" (/100 - Hammerbund) LP 14€
- Atmospheric german black metal.

Gratzug (ger) "Mondtore" (/300 - Hammerbund) DLP 18€
- Atmospheric german black metal.

Hakuja (jp) "Legacy" (/300 - Drakkar) LP 12€
- Excellent black metal clearly influenced by the french scene. For Fan of Kristallnacht and so on... LP with poster.

Heldentod (hun) "Virradat" (/199 - Purity Through Fire) LP 13€
- 1st full lenght of this hungarian band. Majestic pagan black metal.

Horned Almighty (ger) "Black Metal Jesus" (/525 Infernus Records) LP 10€
- Black thrashened metal !

Horned Almighty (ger) "Contaminating the Divine" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence / Art of Propaganda) LP 12€
- now finally available on vinyl.finest black'n roll from denmark.comes with printed innersleeve, A2 poster,Beercoaster and one bonustrack !!

Ic Rex (fin) "Sielun Kadotuksen Sinfonia" (/500 - Ahdistuksen Aihio Production) DGLP 16€
- Interesting esoteric finnish black metal. Includes the Lunar Possession demo as bonus.

Ithdabquth Qliphoth (ru) "The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion" (/300 - Thou Shalt Kill!) LP 13€
- FVCK ! After 6 years of silence the master of Qliphothic Black Metal is Back. 4 brand new Tracks of Ultraprimitive Mycogynecocentric Authentic Art. Only available on black wax. Including a double sided poster.

Jarnvidr (swe) "Förqwäwd" (/300 - Darker Than Black) LP 14€
- This album contains both new material and re-recorded tracks from the Ostrogothia cassette. Swedish primitive black metal with killer mid paced parts !

Khors (ukr) "The Flame of Eternity's Decline" (/500 - Legion Blotan) LP 12€
- Slavonic symphonic black metal by Astrofaes members. 1st album available now on wax.

Kill (swe) "No Catharsis" (/666 - Obscure Abhorrence) GLP 14€
- Now available on vinyle their last full lenght.

Kiss (usa) "The Best of... Solo project..." (Casablanca Records & FilmWork Inc) LP 6€

Kommandant (usa) "Kontakt / Iron Hands on Scandinavia" (/50 - Purity Through Fire) LP + patch 18€
- Die hard edition contains LP + patch. First time on LP both Kontakt and Iron hands + one unreleased track excl. for this release. Death/black/thrash metal, martial looking.

Loits (slv) "Ei Kahetse Midagi" (Drakkar) LP 12€
- Flak n'Roll. Die-cut cover sleeve & printed inner sleeve including lyrics.

Lucifugum (ukr) "Sociopath: Philosophy Cynicism" (/500 - Blackmetal.com) LP 13€
- Excellent radical black metal available on vynil, probably your last chance to get it...

Lyrinx (uk) "Nihilistic Purity" (Insidious Poisoning Records) LP 12€
- English nihilistic and depressive black metal.

MGLA (pl) "Presence / Power and Will" (Northern Heritage) LP 14€
- Polish black metal.

MGLA (pl) "Groza" (Northern Heritage) LP 14€
- Polish black metal.

MGLA (pl) "With Hearts Toward None" (Northern Heritage) LP 14€
- Polish black metal.

MGLA (pl) "Further Down the Nest" (Northern Heritage) LP 14€
- Polish black metal.

Necropole (fr) "s/t" (Northern Heritage) LP 15€
- Compilation gathering the previous demos. French underground black metal in the old veins of Concilium.

Nocturnal Depression (fr) "Reflections of a Sad Soul" (Sun & Moon Records) DGLP 15€
- Last album available on vynil, french depressif black metal.

Nordreich (ger) "Am Hünengrab" (/314 - Hammerbund) LP 14€
- german black metal. reedition of the nd demo with bonus tracks, poster, grey wax.

Osculum Infame (fr) "Consuming the Metatron" (/500 - Battlesk'rs) GLP 15€
- New and unreleased material, one track from 2011 (Inner Falling for the Glory of God) and five tracksfrom their last recording session and from an unreleased album recorded early in 1999.

Rahu (fin) "The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) LP 13€
- Debut album. Finnish black metal. Inspired by Hindu mythology.

Reverence (fr) "Inactive Theocracy" (465 - D.U.K.E.) DGLP 18€
- Vinyle version of the last full lenght (2009). Indus darkened black metal.

Rigor Sardonicous (usa) "Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus" (Paragon Records) LP 9€
- Black metal.

Sacrificia Mortuorum (fr) "Damnatorum Ferrum" (/300 - Apparitia Recordings) LP 13€
- A gem for this kind. Melancolic black metal. Absolutly recommended !! Comes in a luxuous digipack and a very good layout.

Satanize / Eterna Penumbra (por) "split" (Discipline) LP 12€
- Raw and satanic black metal.

Shore of Ladon (ger) "Eindringling" (/300 - Sol Records) LP 13€
- final and improved recordings of 5 more songs from the demo/rehearsal era plus one new song which was planned as transition to "Waldlied" but became a full neofolk song.

Slavia (nor) "Strenght and Vision" (/500 - Drakkar) LP 12€
- Martial Black Metal - Finally available on 12" LP + A3 poster.

Sleeze Beez (nl) "Screwed, Blued & Tattooed" (Atlantic Recording Corporation) LP 6€
- 1990 Album.

Spire (aus) "s/t" (/250 - Art of Propaganda) LP 9€
- First release of this promising cold and atmospheric black metal omb. Including bonus tracks.

Terdor (hol) "Levi II" (/474 - Hassweg Productions) LP 11€<
- Raw/war black metal.

Total Self Hatred (fin) "Apocalypse in Your Heart" (/310 - Osmose) LP 13€
- Depressive / atmospheric black metal.

Tsjuder (nor) "Kill for Satan" (/999 - Drakkar) LP 13€
- Satanic norvegian black metal.

Tsjuder (nor) "Demonic Possession (/999 - Drakkar) LP 13€
- Satanic norvegian black metal.

V/A "Heavy Metal Thunder" (Carrere) LP 6€
- 2 tracks of each bands : Saxon, Demon, Rage, Dokken, Rainbow.

Veineliis (ger) "Strained Movements towards imminent Death" (/500 - MidWinter Records) LP 12€
- Melancholic german black metal.

Venus Star (fin) "Setyphorus" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) LP 13€
- Occult finnish black metal.

Venus Star (fin) "Nigredo Expulsion" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) LP 13€
- Occult finnish black metal.

Vermeth (fr) "Suicide or be killed !" (Drakkar) 12€
- Black legions metal. Comes with poster.

Vlad Tepes (fr) "Morte Lune" (Drakkar) LP 14€
- After decades and unepexted rerelease, finaly it's come back to the grave. Reedition of one of the most evil manifestion of black metal in all kind. LLN in pure way. Morte Lune. No more to say. Masterpiece of darkness.

Vitsaus (fin) "Afan Ja Ihmisen Haudoilla" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions) LP 14€
- Old demo rereleased on red wax. Finnish black metal.

Vöedtaemhtëhactatt / Nekrokrist SS (ukr / fin) "split" (/333 - Darker Than Black) LP 13€
- Raw and uncompromising underground black metal. Recommendead !!

WASP (usa) "WASP" (Sanctuary Productions) LP 8€
- 1984 album.

White Medal / Caïna (uk) "split" (Legion Blotan) LP 12€
- Heathen black metal.

White Medal (uk) "Guthmers Hahl" (Legion Blotan) LP 12€
- Heathen black metal.

Woods of Infinity (swe) "Hamptjarn" (Obscure Abhorrence Productions) GLP 14€
- Reissue of this great black metal album from the uncompromising WoI. Recommended...

Woods Of Infinity (fin) "Forlat" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence) LP 14€
- New brillant WoI's Sin. Absolutely recommended. LP Version with poster, printed innersleeve and without the track 10.

Zarach' Baal' Tharagh / The Dead Musician (fr) "Split 2007" (/500 - DUKE) LP 9€
- A Mertz-ian Nightmare versus black metal with a Mayhem's cover.

Zepulkr / Sale Freux (fr) "Les fables immorales et fuites improbables de Crapefreux en Morterat" (/300 - Mala Famae) LP 15€
- FVCK ! One of the most solid recording from this decade. 5 inedit tracks of uncompromising french black art. Comes in a noble heavyheight vinyle in b/w 3mm spine cover and 4 pages innerbooklet with french lyrics (fucking awesome !) and manifesto. A masterpiece.


Atra (aus) "Up-Turning the Curse" (/300 - Art of Propaganda) 11€
- Morbid raw black metal.

Banished Spirits / Enshameit (be) "Split" (/400 - DUKE) 6€
- Split EP. Black metal.

Black Aura / Cave Ritual (cze) "split" (/150 - Infinite Darkness) EP 6.66€
- Raw and crude black metal. Recommendead.

Blood Red Fog (fin) "Radiating Desolation" (Ahdistuksen Aihio Prod) 11€
- 2008 mcd + one great bonus track ! Finnish desperate black metal with doom/funeral parts.

Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (fin) "Split 2009" (/400 - Obscure Abhorrence Productions) 11€
- Split available now on cd with another artwork. Finnish black metal.

By The Sword (fr) "Hellmetal Style" (DUKE) 8€
- 3 tracks + 1 cover of "The Trooper", french death metal. Vynil comes in red wax.

Drowning the Light (aus) "The Weeping Moon" (/666 - Obscure Abhorrence) 10€
- Cult australian melancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "The Fading Rays Of The Sun" (/666 - Obscure Abhorrence) 10€
- Cult australian melancholic black metal.

Drowning the Light (aus) "Diabolical Winter Spells" (/666 - Obscure Abhorrence) 10€
- Melancholic and hateful kvlt australian black metal.

Hypokras / By the Sword (fr) "Brutal. Deadly. Insane./Metal 'till Death" (DUKE) 8€
- 12'MLP /5 tracks : 25 min\ French melodic Death metal maniac.

Musta Kappeli (fin) "Saatanassa Ulvoneet" (Primitive Reaction) 9€
- Finnish mid'pace black metal.

Mutiilation (fr) "Destroy your Life for Satan" (/222 - Osmose) Red MLP 12€
- One more time, after a long awaiting, this pure black metal gem of EVIL is available on red wax. Pure black metal as Mutiilation can do.

Myrkvid (fr) "Satanic Inquisition" (Asgard Hass) GLP 10€
- black metal, demo 2010. Reedit in LP.

Vordr (fin) "st" (Obscure Abhorrence) 8€
- Primitive and minimalist black metal.


Aryos (fr) "Prophétie Acide" (/300 Deus Ex Machina) 5.50€
- Strange avantgarde black metal. 2 new tracks.

Axnaar (uk) "When the Rope Rots..." (/49 - Legion Blotan) EP 6.66€
- Special 6'1/2 one single side recorded. Raw and noisy black metal.

Black Winter / Nethescerial (grc) "Split 2006" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence Productions) 5€
- A mix between the mysticism of greek scene (key like Kawir) and Reinkaos with Astarte's vocalist in guest. / Theatral black metal with synths.

Defuntos (por) "Um sofrimento distante" (/500 - Egg of Nihilism) 5€
- Portuguese insane black metal.

Defuntos / Lost (por/ger) "Imaculado Sepulcro" (/162 - Discipline) EP 6€
- Morbid black doom / deranged funerary doom.

Defuntos (por) "Os Suplícios de uma Triste Lembrança" (/411 - Necromancer Records) GEP 6.66€
- portuguese sickened black metal.

Dodsferd (grc) "Another Two of Your Scars And The World Is Dead" (/500 - Obscure Abhorrence) GEP 6€
- new tracks of this greek band.

Drowning The Light / Eternum (aus) "United by Iron Will" (/1000 - Obscure Abhorrence) 6€
- Split 2009

Drowning The Light (au) "Dead Soul Reqiem" (/666 - Obscure Abhorrence) EP 6.66€
- Drowning the Light music with support of Ash from Nargaroth for vocal and lyrics.

Freitod / Wacht(ch) "ep" (Bergstolz) 6€
- Schweiz Black Metal. Each band with one exclusive song for this split EP . It comes in a fold-out cover,2 poster in size A3 and all in clear vinyl.

Freitod / Inhuman Disease (ch/usa) "split ep" (/333 - Bergstolz) 6€
- Underground Black metal.

Joyless / Dekadent Aesthetix (nw/rom) "Split 2009" (Dismal Cursings) 5.50€
- Misanthropic pop'n'black experimentation.

Korgonthurus (fin) "Tapa Itsesi" (/400 - Art of Propaganda / Obscure Abhorrence Productions) 6€
- 2 new tracks (2010) of this finnish beast composed by member of Horna, TotalSelfHatred...

Lutomysl (ukr) "Firmament" (/300 - Nihil Ward Productions) 7€
- Jet Black Metal Art. In the veins of the latest album

Lycanthropy's Spell (be) "Sagatal" (/500 - Sabbath's Fire / Thor's Hammer Productions) 5.50€
- 2 excellent tracks of thy famous project of german black metal alike.

Moloch (ukr) "Selbstisolation" (/300 - Asgard Hass) 7.50€
- New 2012 EP. One remastered version of a past tracks, one new (excl. mix) for the upcoming album and 2 inedits ambiant intro/outro. Depressive ukranian black metal negativism.
Comes on Picture 7'EP and cover.

Mutiilation (fr) "New False Prophet" (/222 - Osmose) White EP 6.66€
- Reedition of this ep. LLN Black metal.

Mutiilation (fr) "Hail Satanas we are the Black Legions" (/222 - Osmose) White EP 6.66€
- Probably one of their best work. Pure fvcking black metal in the LLN ways. Absolutley recommendead for all who missed it !

Myrkr (swe) "Ritual Of Undeath" (Werewolf Records) 6€
- 2 tracks of occult black metal.

Nocturnal Depression / Kaiserreich (fr/ita) "s/t" (Art of Propaganda) 5€
- Depressive yet raw black metal.

Nydvind / Bornholm (hun/fr) "split 2011" (/500 - Ancestrale Productions)5€
- Melodic yet epic black metal. 1 track per band.

Orfus (fin) "The Greatest Sacrifice" (/300 - Hammer of Hate) EP 7€
- Melodic finnish black metal.

Sad / Malmort (fr) "Fragments of Death / Mavakeia" (/300 - Hass Weg Productions) 5€
- True Old School Black Metal Attack !

Satanize / Dolentia (por) "Liturgic Destruction: Live In Newcastle" (/250 - Legion Blotan) 6€
- Live caputred in Newcastle. Raw and filthy underground portuguese black metal.

Striborg / Scurshahor (aus) "Split 2007" (/1500 - Southern Lord) 6€

Trollech / Sorath (cze) "Tumultus / Saros" (/500 - Pigeonshit Agency) 4.50€
- Pagan forest black metal.

Wyrd (fin) "Tuonela" (/1000 - Sabbath's Fire / Winter Assault Prod) 5€
- Heathenic black metal. Tracks originaly recorded for a never released split with Xasthur.

Zepulkr (fr) "Malemort d'Outre Maine" (/150 - Mala Famae) EP 26.66€
- Raw, noizy and putrid insane french black metal. 1st EP.